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APR: 2.9% Representative
Loan amount: £1,000 - £35,000
Repayment duration: 12 - 60 Months
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1.6 out of 5 from 44 reviews


14:05 04-08-2012

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I'm Clydesdales' customer for 7 years now, I have a mortgage with them, had a personal loan with them before, which I repaid (early), never missed any payment of any kind. 2 week ago I applied online for personal loan again, got it approved, but with 22% interest :D., thanks!



13:04 10-11-2010

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Clydesdale bank have a history of offering finance, then closing your account days later leaving you in the cold.DONT BE CAUGHT OUT.....................AVOID AT ALL COSTS


Poor service

13:02 10-11-2010

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My experience with this Clydesdale bank has been grim.The bank representatives have proved to be uniformed, ineffectual, and a waste of my time.The website is clumsy and missing the ability to transfer funds internationally. I actually have to FAX my bank when i want to transfer fund internationally.They only have a bacs system in place and are still testing a "same day" FAST transfer system. (All my personal accounts have had this implemented for quite some time.)


£15,000 pound loan

17:05 05-10-2010

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Originally I felt like they were asking for allot of personnel information about me before they decided to offer me a loan. However I was offered the £15000 I was after and at a better APR than I expected. The process was nice and quick and I would use them again.


They have a lot to offer

17:04 05-10-2010

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You have a fair bit of choice when taking a loan with Clydesdale, you can borrow pretty much any amount and you don't get forced into asking for more than you need. They were quite keen on getting me involved with insurance for it but I declined.


money very quick

05:00 05-10-2010

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I choose to take a £2000 loan for home improvements and I applied directly online. The process was simple, I put my detail in and got a call back a day later with a loan offer from them. All I had to do was fill in and return the documents they sent and I had the loan shortly after.



04:58 05-10-2010

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I choose to go with Clydesdale for a couple of reasons. Firstly they offer a guaranteed fixed APR rate for the duration of the loan so I could budget around the repayments. Also they allowed me to pay for my loan either weekly or monthly which helped with as I am weekly paid from work.


Our review of Clydesdale Bank Loans

Our review by Alex
Written by: Alex
Consumer sentiment


Unlike some other banks, it’s not essential to hold a current account, card or other form of personal finance with Clydesdale to be able to apply for their loans. You will need to have good credit history though, so if you’ve had a CCJ or default recently then steer clear and find a lender that would be better suited to your circumstances.

If you're pushed for time and looking for a quick injection of cash, then Clydesdale will not be the best option for you. Once approved customers must send back their completed documentation – after that it can take up to five working days for the loan to be credited into the chosen account.

On Choose Wisely reviews about Clydesdale are mixed. Their process is said to be detailed and they ask a lot of questions, but this is to be expected when applying for finance from this type of lender, especially if you’re asking for amounts towards the higher end of the scale. On the plus side, you can also choose to make repayments weekly which is a real bonus for customers that get paid weekly rather than monthly.

Overall verdict: Clydesdale offer a similar offering to the other banks and are a solid lender worth researching if you have good credit. If your credit history isn't great you'll be better off checking out our bad credit loans comparison table


  • You do not need to a be current customer
  • Online account management
  • Instant decision online, over the phone or in branch
  • You can choose to make weekly or monthly repayments

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged 18 or over
  • You will need to have good credit history
  • You must have a permanent UK address
  • You must have a UK bank account
  • You will need to have a debit and/or credit card


  • Maximum APR 29.9%
  • Arrangement fee: £0
  • Early repayment fee: £20
  • Late payment fee: £0

About Clydesdale Bank Loans

Clydesdale Bank offer fixed rate personal loans from £1,000 to £35,000 paid back monthly over a period of one to five years. Representative APRs vary in accordance with the amount borrowed; £1,000 - £2,999 is 19.9%, but this decreases when larger loans are requested and may change during the process due to your personal financial circumstances.

The application can be completed online, in a branch and over the telephone and a quick, but not instant, decision is made. You don’t need to bank with them, but you will need good credit history to apply to Clydesdale Bank, so if there are a few blemishes on your record then this loan may not be suitable for you.

There are no arrangement fees to pay, however early repayment of the loan incurs a charge of up to 58 days’ interest on the amount that you’re repaying.

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