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What is Choose Wisely? is a simple, easy-to-use price comparison website that offers consumers clear, fair and transparent comparison of a range of financial products including bank accounts, credit cards, personal loans and prepaid cards.

What is Optio Score?

OPTIOSCORE is compiled from ratings of simplicity & ease-of-use, features & benefits, fees & charges and opinion & sentiment drawn from a variety of review sites, social media outlets and online forum discussions.

What is Sophos score?

Sophos Score is a unique trust rating system that measures how trustworthy consumers are that apply to them from

Do Choose Wisely charge any fees?

We do not charge fees or subscriptions to the people who use our website. Some of the companies we feature will pay us if you make a purchase, some will pay us if you make an application, others will pay us simply in exchange for you visiting their site, some wont pay us at all - whatever the case, we'll only recommend companies who we think genuinely represent good value for you.

Why am I being declined?

Being turned down for a loan is never the nicest thing to happen to you, but when banks or lenders don’t give a reason for it, it’s even harder. We've written about the main reasons for being turned down for a loan in our guide.

How do I budget properly?

Even a simple household budget is a great starting point to take control of your finances by giving you an understanding of where your money is going and allowing you to make changes to improve your financial situation. We have several guides on effective household budgeting and some recommendations of techniques to make it less of a chore. Find out more in our guide.

What is responsible lending?

Choose Wisely is committed to only working with responsible and ethical providers of personal loans, credit cards and bank accounts. We have a responsibility to our customers, to be open & honest, to treat them fairly, and to ensure that they are safe & secure. These principles affect everything we do. Find out more about Responsible lending here.

What are unauthorised lenders?

Unauthorised lenders, illegal money lenders or loan sharks are firms who operate outside of the law and have not been authorised to trade by the UK's financial regulator, the FCA. Find out more about unauthorised lenders in our guide.

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