General questions

What is Choose Wisely? is a simple, easy-to-use price comparison website that offers consumers clear, fair and transparent comparison of a range of financial products including bank accounts, credit cards, personal loans and prepaid cards.

Does Choose Wisely charge fees?

We do not charge fees or subscriptions to the people who use our website. Some of the companies we feature will pay us if you make a purchase, some will pay us if you make an application, others will pay us simply in exchange for you visiting their site, some wont pay us at all - whatever the case, we'll only recommend companies who we think genuinely represent good value for you.

What is responsible lending?

Choose Wisely is committed to only working with responsible and ethical providers of personal loans, credit cards and bank accounts. We have a responsibility to our customers, to be open & honest, to treat them fairly, and to ensure that they are safe & secure. These principles affect everything we do. Find out more about Responsible lending here.

What are unauthorised lenders?

Unauthorised lenders, illegal money lenders or loan sharks are firms who operate outside of the law and have not been authorised to trade by the UK's financial regulator, the FCA. Find out more about unauthorised lenders in our guide: Unauthorised lenders: spot the shark.

What is a broker?

A credit broker is a person, business or entity that deals in the brokerage of consumer credit. Essentially a credit broker links somebody looking for consumer credit, with a company or individual willing to provide it, normally for a commission.

What is a provider?

A provider is a person, business or entity that supplies funds to a person looking for consumer credit and is also referred to as the creditor. The funds offered are based on a credit agreement whereby the person searching for consumer credit will incur a charge in the form of interest for borrowing the funds.

What is an introducer?

An introducer is someone who generates customers. Typically they won’t service those customers themselves but will partner with a credit broker such as Choose Wisely or directly with a lender.

How does Choose Wisely make money?

Choose Wisely is completely free for customers to use. We make our money by receiving a commission from lenders or other introducers/brokers if a customer enters into a financial agreement following an introduction through this website.

How do I make a complaint?

You can make a complaint using our dedicated Complaints page which will walk you through the steps of our complaints process.

How will Choose Wisely use my details?

By completing a loan search on Choose Wisely, you’re agreeing to our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions. The main reason we process your personal data is to provide you with personalised comparison quotes. For certain purposes – for example, to show you a list of products to compare – we may share your personal information with other third parties when needed.

Why am I receiving emails/text messages from you?

By completing a loan search on Choose Wisely you’re opting into receiving communications from us. We won't spam you, we promise. All the communication you receive from us via email or text will be related to the most recent loan search that you completed.

How do I stop receiving emails from you?

In each email you receive from us, there’s an ‘Unsubscribe’ link in the footer - you can opt-out by clicking on that link.

How do I stop receiving texts from you?

Simply reply STOP to a text message you’ve received from us, and you’ll be opted out of future messages.

Who are you regulated by?

Choose Wisely is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, firm reference number 730574 and is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office number Z3106681

What are your terms and conditions?

You can view our full T&C’s here. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to read but if you have any questions at all you’re more than welcome to contact us.

How do you compare with other price comparison websites?

Where we differ is the fact that we endeavour to try and work with as many lenders as possible, through our award winning price comparison software, so that we can work out a customer’s cheapest, most suitable product in seconds. This results in us being able to give customers a clear choice when it comes to comparing financial products.

We believe in a product for everyone which is why we make every effort to match customers with the cheapest most suitable product for them. Should we not be able to match you with a product we hope that we have produced enough free online tools like our budget and loan calculators and enough guides to help educate customers facing financial hardship so that you can take control of your money now and return to a safe environment to compare borrowing options, should you need to, in the future.

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