What is an energy supplier?

An energy supplier is a company that supplies the gas and electricity to your home.

Does Choose Wisely supply energy?

Choose Wisely is a price comparison website and works with to provide an energy comparison service. Choose Wisely is not an energy supplier.

What is free price compare?

Free price compare is a comparison website that we work in partnership with to compare energy prices. After putting your postcode into the energy search box, you’ll be transferred to to fill in the rest of your details and complete your energy search. Free price compare is completely free and safe to use.

What’s the point of switching energy suppliers?

Gas and electricity suppliers try to attract new customers with their best rates. If you’ve been with a supplier for a while the likelihood is that you’re now on the supplier’s standard variable tariff. This can be significantly more expensive than the tariff you were on when you first joined them. By switching, you can again make the most of “new customer” deals.

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