Bank accounts

What do I need to be able to get a bank account?

Requirements differ from bank to bank, but usually you’ll need to have a residential address and some identification. If you’re applying online you’ll need to provide your information to the bank you’re applying with.

Why do I need a bank account?

You’ll need a bank account for things like having your salary paid and in order to make direct debit payments like paying for bills such as your mobile phone contract, water and electricity, etc.

Can I get a free bank account?

There are plenty of free bank accounts available with various different banks, but there are also fee charging bank accounts too. It’s best to make sure you check when applying for a new bank account.

Can I get a bank account if I have poor credit?

You should be able to get a basic bank account even if you have a poor credit score because basic bank accounts don’t have an overdraft - they’re simply a safe place to store your money and pay your bills from.

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