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197 reviews

3.4% Representative

Will lend between: £1,000 - £25,000

Over: 12 - 60 Months

Representative example: If you borrow £7,500 over 60 months at a Representative rate of 3.4% APR and an annual interest rate of 3.4% (fixed), you would pay 60 monthly instalments of £135.93. The total charge for credit will be £655.80 and the total amount payable will be £8,155.80.

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NatWest Bank Loans customer reviews.

197 reviews

2.0 out of 5 stars

Not good, they are wonga type lender
12:21 06-12-2015
ImageChoose Wisely

I recently applied for loan loan approved and had a bit of difficulty sending the supporting documents via the branch, which I felt was really poor from natwest PoV, the branch staff do not seem to know the process of loan application, had 3 trips to the branch wasting time, eventually posting supporting directly seemed to resolve But the biggest issue was he early repayment charge, where all the big lenders like Barclays, Santander, lloyds seemed to have standard set of rules of 1. No early repayment charges for partial payment.2. The early repayment charge of final settlement is 1 month interest Natwest is outrageous on this, they have early repayment charges of 2 months both on partial and full early payments. I see them a small scam lenders like wonga, just try to take customers for a ride for their money. There ethical standards are poor.Please don't proceed with natwest.I will file the case against natwest with financial ombudsman and fcs, to see if there is any luck with it


1st class customer service
14:04 08-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

I have dealt with the bank on many occasions and found the staff to be very friendly and helpful. It is the best bank .

Darren Freeman

Self Employed ? Forget it
03:10 20-09-2013
ImageChoose Wisely

I applied for a graduate loan of £4k which was for paying off my overdraft and buying a new computer. I am self employed. I completed online and a few days later I phoned in regards to my application. I was flatly turned down based on that I am self employed. The girl (who was still in training and had to ask her supervisor) said it was due to that as a freelance artist I have to be in a year contract to meet criteria. Anyone who is a freelance artist in the creative industry can tell you that a year contract is unheard of. Further more I ended to have 2 years worth of self assessment tax returns (so been in business 3 years?). I'm sorry , as a graduate loan I felt that this was just simply complete rubbish. How can I possibly produce such documentation when I'd been barely 18 3 years ago and just starting university. I have banked with Natwest for nearly 5 years now and felt the service and bank had been great. I hope that Natwest reconsider their terms and conditions or face alienation of a large percentage of graduates in the creative industry.


20:35 10-06-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Loan approved and funds available in 48 hours, great service

Naomi Williams

Pay Day Loan Companies V Banks
02:20 05-01-2012
ImageChoose Wisely

I think it is incredible that banks will not give out small loans up to £1000 at levels of about 19% to those that are unemployed or elderly or those on low incomes who have so called bad credit ratings as a result of this lower income - yet it is ok for those individuals to seek loans from Payday Loan Companies charging thousands of percent APR (Such as 1750% to as high as 10000%) why is this?


Poor Rates
11:01 01-06-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Poor rates offered, did not cater to individual circumstances


14:39 10-11-2011
ImageChoose Wisely

Utter disgrace of a bank. I have banked with them for over 20 years. They are eager eager eager to give out expensive credit. They would recommend a cheaper rate overdraft of 8% or so, get changed to a high rate credit card. They will try and sell you a credit card; even when you say no use pushy sales.Then when you genuinely approach them; will accept you for a loan then with out telling you refuse at payment stage. Im leaving them after so many years of custom. Im appalled by how theyve treated me- the loan the quoted me came out more expensive when we went through the application. It came out about £30 per month more expensive. be wise and leave this hole of a bank


Not helpful
13:35 30-04-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Not a very helpful bank. My credit score was okay but they would only give me a loan at a ridiculous rate. You would think that they would help you considering you are their customer. Customer service is bad - end up waiting on hold for ages and you never really get anywhere.


No better or worse than the others???
16:25 25-01-2011
ImageChoose Wisely

I applied for a graduate loan which they boast are easy and quick to arrange and they would lend me up to £10,000.00. I didn't want that much. I just needed some to buy a car and the interest rate was lower than the finance rate offered by the garage. The quick and simple wasn't quite so. I accepted that they would want wage slips and provided them, but this wasn't enough. They ummed and ahhed over it for days unable to give me an answer, tried to force me into signing up for loan insurance, which believe me wasn't worth the paper it was written on and was outrageously priced, said that they could not see any justification for lending me the amount of money I wanted based on my salary (bearing in mind in mind that my account had been in credit, never bounced any payments etc). Eventually they relented when I announced that I would be closing my account and moving elsewhere - this took over a week to sort out - oh and the interest rate was around 2% higher than elsewhere ... I wanted the loan with them because I figured it would be easier as I banked with them - how wrong could I have been?


22:22 11-02-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Applied for a loan online, easy to do and got a loan decision immediately. Funds were in my account the next working day

Naomi Williams

Our review of NatWest Bank Loans

NatWest offer unsecured personal loans between £1,000 and £50,000 to be repaid over one to five years with a representative APR of 3.4% for loans between £7.500 and £19,950.  You will need to have good credit history to apply with NatWest, as you do with most of the big high street banks and if you have online banking with them then you can apply online, otherwise you will need to pop into a branch or call their customer service team.

Their online quote process is personalised to each customer and takes into account personal circumstance before giving an indication of how likely it is that the applicant will be approved. This is a handy tool as it means that if you are given an unlikely rating then you know not to apply and there will be no footprint left on your credit file.

Looking at reviews online doesn’t give a real representation of NatWest’s loans. Their TrustPilot rating is ‘bad’, however this takes into account all of the products they provide, not just their loans and scanning through the reviews the bulk of dissatisfaction is about bank charges and impersonal service. On Choose Wisely there are arguments for both good and bad; on the negative side customers don’t like having to pay early settlement charges and have had to make multiple calls or visits to branch. However, on the positive side, customers have found the process simple, efficient and have received their loans quickly.

Overall verdict:  NatWest seem to have similar problems to other high street banks in the market – they can sometimes have impersonal service, they charge for early settlement and you have to have an account to get a loan with them. However, if you bank with NatWest and have had a positive experience then don’t let this put you off, make use of their personalised online quote and see if it’s worth applying.

Written by: Alex


  • Personalised loan quote doesn’t leave footprint on credit file
  • Online banking customers can apply online
  • Decision in minutes
  • Funds often available the next day

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged over 18
  • You must have had a NatWest current account for at least 3 months


  • Maximum APR 24.9%
  • Arrangement fee: £0
  • Early repayment fee: £0
  • Late payment fee: £0

About NatWest Bank Loans

NatWest offer loans between £1,000 and £50,000 that are available to borrow over one to eight years at a representative APR of 3.4%. Be aware the rates offered will take into account your personal circumstances aswell as the amount you’re looking to borrow. This may result in the final rate offered being different from their advertised rate. On the website, customers are able to complete a personalised loan quote that indicates how likely the applicant is to be successful and doesn’t leave a footprint on their credit file. If you are self-employed or approaching retirement, then you will have to visit a local branch or call their customer service team to receive a quote.

To apply for a loan with NatWest there are a few criteria that you will need to meet; you must be over 18 and have held a NatWest current account for three months or more and have a good credit history. If you are accepted and have online banking, then you can often receive the funds the next working day, however if there is more information required then it can take a little longer.

You have a few options when applying for a NatWest loan, there’s an online application, telephone team and you can visit them in branch.

Company information

Registration number: 929027


Customer Relations, Freepost Nat12685, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 1BR

FCA registration

Reference No: 121878

Trading names: National Westminster Bank Plc, Natwest Markets, Williams & Glyn

Place of business: 135 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3UR

Data protection registration

Registration No: Z4936258

Data controller: National Westminster Bank PLC

Address: 135 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3UR

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