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Representative 49.9% APR. Representative Example: Borrowing £1,000 over 12 months, repaying £103.06 per month, total repayable £1,236.72. Interest rate 49.9% (variable).

Bad Credit Loan FAQs.

Why should I use Choose Wisely to get a bad credit loan?

Choose Wisely works with the best bad credit lenders in the UK, to ensure you get the right product with the best deal. No jargon, no nonsense, no adverts. Choose Wisely is just about simple and easy to use tools backed up by expert guides created by people who care.

How does Choose Wisely work?

Choose Wisely has pulled together the best bad credit lenders for you to compare. But you have a couple of options. If you're in research mode you can use the comparison table above to see the what's available. If you're looking for a loan today you can go through our smart search to find out which lenders will accept your application before you apply.

Here's how to get a loan with Choose Wisely:

  • Fill out a quick 2 minute form
  • Instantly see the lenders who will consider your application
  • Choose the best option for you
  • Complete final checks with lender
  • If approved receive the funds in as quickly as 15 minutes

Representative 49.9% APR

Can Choose Wisely guarantee I'll be approved for a bad credit loan?

Each time you apply for a loan your details will be checked by the lender against a list of 'acceptance criteria' which usually includes the following:

  • Your income and outgoings
  • Credit history and credit score
  • Whether or not you own a home
  • If you're a UK resident

Each lender has their own set of benchmarks that they use to gauge eligibility. Here at Choose Wisely we have the UK bad credit lender library which contains all of this information to review before you begin your application. In all cases the final decision on whether you're approved lies with the lender you apply with.

Will using Choose Wisely impact my credit score?

Using Choose Wisely to find a bad credit loan will not impact your credit score. However, if you decide to apply with a lender the final decision on whether or not they give you the loan lies solely with them and as part of this decision they will credit check you.

How much can I borrow with a loan for bad credit?

This will vary from lender to lender. The minimum is £100 which is is offered by certain payday lenders. On the other end of scale some guarantor lenders will lend £10,000. Use the filters and the Choose Wisely comparison table above to compare your options to see how much it could cost you if you are approved.

How do I know what is the best bad credit loan for me?

Knowing which type of loan is right for you depends on a few different factors such as how much you're looking to borrow, the length of time over which you want to repay the loan and your personal circumstances.

Each product will have different pro's and con's and minimum criteria so compare your options first to find the product that best suits you. Again a good place to start is the Choose Wisely eligibility checker.

We've given a quick overview of all poor credit options in this 3 minute video:

Can I still apply for a loan if I'm unemployed?

There are lenders out there that consider applicants who are unemployed and/or receiving benefits. Beware, you may have to pay a higher rate than that offered by the high-street banks but that is because in the eyes of a lender, lending to someone without a regular income comes with a bigger risk.

If you are unemployed and looking for a loan, be sure to work out your budget first so you know exactly what you can afford. Then use our unemployed or benefit loan comparison tables to get an idea of the suitable options. If you've recently lost your job and in need of cash the Choose Wisely guide "I've Lost My Job And I Need Cash" is a good place to start to get you on the right track.

How long will it take to get my loan?

This depends on the lender. If you're approved, in some cases money can be in your account within 15 minutes.

I've got bad credit and no guarantor - can I get a loan?

If your credit history isn't great a guarantor loan can often be your cheapest option. But what if you haven't got a guarantor? Well the options do become more limited but there are options. We have put all these loan options together for you in the Choose Wisely no guarantor loans comparison table.

I have a default or CCJ on my credit file, is this a problem when applying?

If you have a history of defaults or have a CCJ on your credit file then you have options when it comes to borrowing money. Again, it's all about knowing where you stand before you apply and not jumping into multiple applications (as it won't do you any favours).

If you have bad credit due to a default or CCJ then we've created specialist default loan and CCJ loan comparison tables for to get an idea of your options. Below is a link into our smart loan search. This will show you which lenders will accept your application.

I'm a young adult with no credit history, what are my options?

If you have recently turned 18 and have yet to borrow money or use credit then it's likely you have limited or zero credit history. First port of call is to check your credit history to get a true understanding of where you stand. You can then compare your options using the Choose Wisely loans for young adults comparison table.

What are your opening hours?

Choose Wisely is a free online service which you can use 24/7, 365 days a year.

Does Choose Wisely charge a fee?

No. Choose Wisely is a 100%, free to use price comparison site.

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