No credit check loans.

The offer of a no credit check loan can be enticing to some people, however this type of loan is unregulated and unsafe. For people looking at this type of loan as a solution to their current financial situation, there are other safer options out there which provide less risk.


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Representative 824.7% APR. Representative Example: If you borrow £250 over 6 months at a Representative rate of 824.7% and an annual Interest rate of 248.19% p.a. (fixed), you would pay 6 instalments of £81.41. The total charge of credit will be £238.46 and the total amount payable will be £488.46.
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Representative 824.7% APR.

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Written by Andrew Freelander
Read time: ~5 mins
Published: 10th July 2018 Updated: 9th September 2020

What are no credit check loans?

There is no such thing as a safe no credit check loan, direct lenders are FCA authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and need to perform affordability checks to ensure you can afford to pay back your loan. No matter how tempting the idea of a “no credit check loan” sounds when you have bad credit, we want to ensure customers understand that no such thing exists in the UK. We will however help you find a loan you can afford by filling out a quick application here.

If you have found a lender that is offering bad credit loans with no guarantor and no-credit check, it really is very important, despite how much you need the cash, to think hard before using them. If they are operating within the UK, this means they are not authorized by the FCA and the model is possibly illegal or at the very least immoral. Repayment fees can be greatly inflated, making borrowers pay a lot more back than they borrowed, which sometimes forces people into a cycle of debt.

What are credit checks?

When a borrower applies to take out any form of credit, the direct lender will have to conduct a credit check on that person. This process involves them communicating with a UK credit reference agency, like Equifax or Experian. These agencies will then provide details of how a person has managed their credit and finances in the past.

Your previous borrowing behavior is used to determine how likely you are to handle the funds you have applied for well. For example, if in the past you have not made repayments on time, or struggled with debt, you might be considered too much of a risk and not given a loan.

The credit report that is compiled when a check is requested contains a range of information:

  • How much debt a person has
  • How bills are paid, if they are paid on time, in installments or annually
  • Where you live and how long for
  • Where you work, what type of work, and your salary
  • If you have filed for bankruptcy
  • If you have had any property repossessed, such as a house or vehicle

Depending on a person’s circumstances, a credit report can hold a lot of information. In some cases, a yearly credit report can be more than 100 pages. That’s because, as well as the above key information, it contains ways to identify a person as well as any variations or misspellings of their name.

The report provides details on a person’s credit cards and loans, if they have any. For people with credit cards, this includes the balance, limit, type of account, its status, and the payment history. Similarly with loans, the amount borrowed and payment history will be reported. Alongside this, there will be a section that lists out businesses that have recently asked for a credit check.

Why are credit checks important?

There are two angles to this. The first is that lenders want to make sure the money they give out will come back to them. Secondly, credit checks are also in place to protect people from financial problems. They stop people taking out loans that they couldn’t pay back, which would create further financial difficulties for them. A credit check can protect against this situation by making sure a person is capable of paying a debt

How do no credit check loans with direct lenders work?

As mentioned all legitimate, regulated UK lenders will perform checks to ensure you can afford to pay back the loan, however it’s important to understand the difference between soft searching and hard checks on your credit file.

Soft searches

As well as the hard credit check, there is a soft search that companies can conduct. This is a preliminary investigation of particular sections in your credit report. A business will conduct a soft credit check to understand if an applicant would successfully qualify for a loan, without the need to ask for a complete credit history.

What is important about soft searches is that other companies can’t see them in your credit report. They don’t have an impact on your credit score or credit applications you put forward in the future. They are only visible to yourself on a credit report, with no implication around how many there are. When you apply for a loan through ChooseWisely, your file will be soft searched to show which lenders would accept your loan application in principle. It is only when you continue and complete your application in full on the lender’s website that your file will be hard searched.

When do credit checks happen?

A soft credit check can be conducted in these situations, amongst others:

  • You ask for your own credit report
  • As part of an identity check, a company requests your credit report
  • A lender does a preliminary check to judge affordability

Hard credit checks can happen in these situations:

  • A full application for a mortgage, credit card, or loan
  • You need to set up payments with a utility company
  • Purchasing a monthly contract for a mobile phone

How to get personal loans with ‘no credit check’?

There is no way of getting a no credit check loan from an FCA authorized lender in the UK. This might sound like a negative if you are looking for a loan, but the FCA introduced these rules for a reason. That is to protect individuals from immoral lenders that only want to maximise their profits, which often results in more debt for borrowers because they can’t keep up with the payments and either default or are forced to take out another loan to cover their costs.

It can sound extremely tempting to get a ‘no credit check loan’. Particularly if you have poor credit or no credit record at all. However all UK lenders will conduct a credit and affordability check before offering a loan. Some of the initial checks will only require soft searches that don’t appear on your credit report, but there will always be some form of credit check.

There are still options available for people with bad credit scores and no credit history, which means people in this situation can still secure funds. Some lenders specialise in providing services for people with bad credit. Their approach is to focus much more on an individual’s current finances, as opposed to relying only on a credit report based on a person’s past.

Alternatives to ‘No Credit Check’ loans

There are alternative options out there for people who feel they need a payday loan with no credit check because of a poor credit history. By filling in an application form with Choose Wisely, you will be provided a list of all providers you are eligible to get a loan with. These could include guarantor loans or credit line products with specialised lenders who accept lower credit scores, amongst others.

From there, you can decide on the offer that is best for your circumstances, and make an application directly with the lender. Choose Wisely does not perform a hard credit check, which means that a mark won’t be left on a person’s file, until a full application is made with a direct lender.

Why would someone not want to have a credit check?

One of the main reasons people search for “no credit check loans” is because they have had trouble getting finance in the past. This could either be due to having no credit history or they have not made payments on loans in the past and have a poor credit record.

Some other reasons a person’s credit record could be poor are:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Multiple credit searches from lenders within a small time frame
  • Other credit options are at capacity
  • They are not on the electoral roll

How to improve credit scores?

There are people all over the UK that have a poor credit score, meaning they can struggle to get access to basic financial products, such as bank accounts, debit cards or loans. If a person wants to improve their score, they can check their credit record for free with Equifax or Experian to make sure that all the information contained within is correct. If not, they should ask for this to be fixed. The most important part of improving a credit score is that a person stays on top of their finances and repays all their commitments on time and in full. If payments are made regularly and on time, a person’s credit score will improve gradually with time.

In most people’s lives there will be a time when they need a hand financially. If a person has a bad credit history and doesn’t have a support network around them to rely on during such times, it can be difficult to get the funding that they need. While no credit check loans can seem like the solution, they aren’t regulated in the UK and could pose a person more risk financially than they are currently in. There are alternatives out there though, to take control of their finances, a person can start the Choose Wisely ‘Get Accepted’ application process. Simply click on one the button on this page and you’ll be led through the steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people search for no credit check loans?

Commonly when people are aware of having bad credit or have had difficulty getting a loan in the past on the basis of affordability, they might prefer to not have their credit checked when applying for a loan. Unfortunately however, such loans do not exist and lenders will need to perform checks to ensure you can afford the loan. This is both to protect you from borrowing too much and the lender from giving out loans that won’t be paid back.

What is a credit rating?

Your credit rating will provide direct lenders with a risk assessment / indication of risk when providing you with a loan. To clarify, it gives an indication if you will be able to pay back your loan.

How can you improve your credit score?

Pay your bills on time, don’t borrow more than you need. You can check your score with one of the big free agencies, for example Clearscore, Credit Karma or Experian. This should be provided free, you shouldn’t have to pay.

Written by
Andrew Freelander
Brand & Content Manager at Choose Wisely

Andrew joined Choose Wisely 5 years ago, originally working in a design capacity to make sure the website was simple to use. Most notably he worked with the Consumer Finance Association to design the comparison table of choice for High-Cost Short Term Finance products.

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If you've been declined, please refer to your credit report to gain an understanding of why before making further applications.
Your score can be accessed for free via any of the main credit reference agencies such as Credit Karma, Clearscore or Experian.

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