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Has your boiler broken down or maybe you had to splash out on an unexpected bill which has left you short for the rest of the month? If you're looking for a little extra cash to bridge the gap till your next payday you have a number of options, one being a payday loan. This section of the site is dedicated to payday loans and provides all the information you need to ensure you find the right product to suit your circumstances with minimal fuss. Here you will find our payday loans comparison table, payday loans product catalogue and a host of consumer reviews and expert loan guides to guide you through your search.

How to choose a payday loan wisely

Payday loans are famous for their extremely high representative APRs which stretch north of 1000%. In reality you would never be charged this amount in interest as you will be repaying the loan over a much shorter period than a year. Recent legislation by the FCA has also limited the amount short term lenders can charge in interest to 0.8% per day or 100% of the amount borrowed. It therefore makes more sense when comparing payday loans to compare lenders based on the total amount repayable rather than APR. A good place to start when comparing payday lenders is our payday loans comparison table (which is ordered by total amount repayable). Need more information on a lender? You can find in-depth information and consumer reviews on each lender featured in our comparison table in our payday loans product catalogue.

Top payday loans by OPTIOSCORE
  • 1. Bamboo Loans 71.3/100 Apply

  • 2. Satsuma Loans 65.2/100 Apply

  • 3. Mr Lender 64.6/100 Apply

  • 4. MYJAR 64.1/100 Apply

  • 5. Satsuma Loans Monthly 61.6/100 Apply
Top payday loans by review
Top payday loans by price ?
  • 1. Bamboo Loans 41.0% Apply

  • 2. Track Loans 79.3% Apply

  • 3. H&T Finance Short Term 169.7% Apply

  • 4. Satsuma Loans Monthly 179.0% Apply

  • 5. Quidie Online Lending 180.0% Apply