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Guarantor loans

Are you financially-comfortable, but struggling to get accepted for a loan because of a poor credit history? If so, a guarantor loan may be the solution - in this section, you’ll find a comparison table of all UK guarantor loans. You’ll also find expert opinions and background information on all UK guarantor loan providers, as well as honest reviews from real customers.

How to choose a guarantor loan wisely

Guarantor loans are designed for those with a very specific set of circumstances. It pays to think carefully before applying, as this product puts responsibility for payment on both you and your guarantor. To help ensure you and your guarantor choose wisely, our simple guide to guarantor loans is a good place to start. Know what you’re looking for? Then compare your options using our guarantor loans comparison table. It's worth checking that you match the lender's acceptance criteria before you apply, as a failed application can impact your credit score. Still not sure about your best option? Have a look at our guide to borrowing with bad credit for more information.

Top guarantor loans by OPTIOSCORE
  • 1. Amigo Loans 82.9/100 Apply

  • 2. George Banco 72.5/100 Apply

  • 3. TFS Loans 71.3/100 Apply

  • 4. Bamboo Loans 71.3/100 Apply

  • 5. Guarantor My Loan (Homeowner) 70.8/100 Apply
Top guarantor loans by review
  • 1. Bamboo Loans

  • 2. Guarantor My Loan (Homeowner)

  • 3. George Banco

  • 4. Buddy Loans

  • 5. Amigo Loans
Top guarantor loans by price ?
  • 1. Guarantor My Loan (Homeowner) 10.0% Apply

  • 2. Guarantor My Loan 10.0% Apply

  • 3. TFS Loans 24.8% Apply

  • 4. UK Credit Loans 34.1% Apply

  • 5. TrustTwo 36.9% Apply