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Home Improvement loans

Making home improvements can not only enhance your day to day life, it can also increase the value of your property. An unexpected emergency can also result in work having to be done without any warning. A home improvement loan can help you cover the cost of these repairs and upgrades. On this section of the site, you can compare loans, read customer reviews and check out a number of expert guides.

How to choose home improvement loans wisely

There's a large range of different lenders offering home improvement loans and you can see what consumers think of them in our lender library. You should consider that loans with the lowest APR are likely to be targeted at people with a good credit history. If you're not sure about your credit history, or would like to improve your credit score, you can find out more in our beginners' guide to borrowing with bad credit. A good place to start when looking for a home improvement loan is to use the Choose Wisely Eligibility Checker. This won’t impact your credit file but will give you a list of suitable lenders to compare based on your needs and circumstances.

Top home improvement loans by OPTIOSCORE
  • 1. Marks & Spencer Loans 85.2/100 Apply

  • 2. The Royal Bank of Scotland Loans 84.0/100 Apply

  • 3. Tesco Bank Loans 83.0/100 Apply

  • 4. Amigo Loans 82.9/100 Apply

  • 5. Nationwide Bank Loans 82.5/100 Apply
Top home improvement loans by review
  • 1. RateSetter Loans

  • 2. Bamboo Loans

  • 3. Guarantor My Loan (Homeowner)

  • 4. George Banco

  • 5. Likely Loans
Top home improvement loans by price ?
  • 1. Marks & Spencer Loans 2.8% Apply

  • 2. Clydesdale Bank Loans 2.9% Apply

  • 3. TSB Bank Loans 2.9% Apply

  • 4. Yorkshire Bank Loans 3.0% Apply

  • 5. Cahoot 3.0% Apply