I’ve been declined, what do I do?

I’ve been declined, what do I do?
Written by Tara Flynn
Published on 16th November 2023
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If your application has been declined, there are definitely some things you should avoid. But by taking control and understanding your situation, you can vastly increase your chances of getting accepted in the future.

Stop Applying.

Making a load of applications in a short space of time won’t do your credit search any favours. Chances are it will actually reduce your chances of getting accepted.

The quicker you can understand why you were be declined, the quicker you can make a change, become more financially attractive and increase your chances of getting accepted.

Find out why you were declined

If your application for credit has been declined, you have the right to ask your lender why.

When you make an application, lenders will check your details against their acceptance criteria and your credit file. If things don’t add up you won’t be accepted. It’s therefore vital you know what’s in your credit file.

Check your credit score

If you’ve been declined, it would have impacted your credit file. Don’t stay in the dark, check your credit score and know where you stand. While you’re at it, check for any mistakes and make sure all your details are up to date.

Clothes shopping is much harder if you don’t know your size. Same with credit. Understand your credit score and it will make getting the right product quicker and easier.

Here are some websites where you can check your score for free:

If you see a lender offering no credit check loans, it is probably too good to be true. Stay cautious and be safe.

Know your options

If you've been declined, chances are your credit file has taken a hit. But having bad credit doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

The Choose Wisely eligibility checker will show suitable lenders to compare.

Borrowing to cover existing debts

Then borrowing more is not the answer. If you’re struggling with debt there a number of steps you can take to get back on track. Take a look at our guide on how to reduce your debts.

You can visit the Money Helper and receive help with your debt for free. Call 0800 011 3797.

Find credit cards for bad credit

Have bad credit? Have a look at the full range of credit cards and compare your options using a Choose Wisely comparison table.

Tara Flynn
Written by
Tara Flynn
COO, Co-Founder & Take Control Author at Choose Wisely

Tara started working in consumer finance in 2008, and then went on to co-found Choose Wisely back in 2011.