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Reward credit cards

If you're looking for a credit card with added extras, from airmiles to cashback, this section of the site will point you in the right direction. This type of card is suitable for people with a good credit record. There's a wide variety of different reward credit cards available from a range of providers, so it pays to compare your options before applying.

How to choose a reward credit card wisely

When looking for a reward card, choose an option that matches your spending habits. If you’re a frequent traveller it makes sense to consider credit cards that offer airmiles. If you’re a regular customer of a particular supermarket, then find a card that rewards spending in store. Either way, our reward credit card comparison table features all types of offers and is a good place to start. Remember that reward credit cards are designed for those with a good credit history. If this isn't you, then you could consider comparing credit cards for bad credit.

Top reward credit cards by OPTIOSCORE
  • 1. Nationwide | Select Credit Card 62.6/100 Apply

  • 2. Nationwide | Credit Card 61.8/100 Apply

  • 3. Santander | All In One Credit Card 61.2/100 Apply

  • 4. Lloyds | Avios Rewards credit card 49.0/100 Apply

  • 5. Santander I Zero Credit Card 47.7/100 Apply
Top reward credit cards by review
  • 1. American Express | Platinum cashback everyday credit card

  • 2. American Express | Platinum cashback credit card

  • 3. Lloyds | Avios Rewards credit card

  • 4. British Airways | American Express® Premium Plus credit card

  • 5. Tesco | Low APR credit card
Top reward credit cards by price
  • 1. Tesco | Low APR credit card 5.9% Apply

  • 2. Nationwide | Select Credit Card 15.9% Apply

  • 3. Nationwide | Credit Card 17.9% Apply

  • 4. Santander I Zero Credit Card 18.9% Apply

  • 5. Sainsbury's Nectar | No Balance Transfer Fee credit card 18.9% Apply