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Basic bank accounts

Looking for a simple bank account without all the bells and whistles? This section of the site is dedicated to basic bank accounts - it's full of all the information you need to help you choose wisely and find the right product. From here, you can click through to our comparison tables, compare in-depth provider information in our basic bank account product library, or read customer reviews.

How to choose a basic bank account wisely

A basic bank account is pretty much what it says on the tin. It's an account that you can use to manage your everyday banking essentials. Although its tools are simple, with most basic bank accounts you can expect internet and mobile banking, a visa debit card and the ability to set up payments by direct debit and standing order. It still pays to compare your options, as product features will differ between accounts. Unsure what you’re looking for? Check out our simple guide to basic bank accounts.

Top basic bank accounts by OPTIOSCORE
  • 1. NatWest | Select Account 69.2/100 Apply

  • 2. Tesco | Current Account 59.9/100 Apply

  • 3. RBS | Select Account 50.0/100 Apply

  • 4. Santander | Everyday Current Account 50.0/100 Apply
Top basic bank accounts by review
  • 1. RBS | Select Account

  • 2. NatWest | Select Account

  • 3. Tesco | Current Account

  • 4. Barclays | Current Account

  • 5. Santander | Everyday Current Account
Top basic bank accounts by interest
  • 1. Tesco | Current Account 3.0% Apply

  • 2. Santander | Everyday Current Account 0.0% Apply

  • 3. RBS | Select Account 0.0% Apply

  • 4. NatWest | Select Account 0.0% Apply