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Purchase rate: 29.84%
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4.6 out of 5 from 1635 reviews


19:44 09-01-2018

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This company has helped me improve my credit history after I couldn't get credit anywhere else due to some mistakes I made in the past. They have easy payment options and send a couple pf reminders so I know exactly where I stand.



12:09 08-11-2017

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excellent from all credit

17:50 03-11-2017

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easy access. on hand 24 7 to help excellent for everyone perfect for building credit score works with very bad creditb

Karla Butler

Gave me credit when few else would but that's the end of my positive experience

14:01 23-08-2017

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After getting into debt after my dad died, my credit rating took a bit hit. At one point I couldn't get credit from DFS for a sofa, or even a normal current account (I had to have a basic account with no debit card). I can't remember how I came across Vanquis but I applied and was accepted. At the time I was thrilled. I set up a direct debit to pay off the balance in full every month so that I would not accidentally miss a payment and end up damaging my credit rating again. After a few months they wrote and offered a credit limit increase. I called up to decline it. A few months later they did the same, but instead of offering the increase they had offered previously, they jumped up even higher, so I called up and declined that again. I believe I now have declined 3 credit increases, and I didn't see the letter for the last one and now have a credit limit which is way over my budget - if I spent that much I'd be properly in trouble. I've written to them complaining but their response was that I was making all the repayments so they weren't being an irresponsible lender. I still feel (particularly on cards for people rebuilding their credit) that credit limit increases should be an opt in rather than opt out but they don't agree. If you want a card which will help you rebuild your credit then it serves it's purpose. Just make sure you pay it off in full every month as the interest rates are really high. Other than that I probably wouldn't recommend them.


High interest

18:44 29-06-2017

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Easy to get , but the extremely high interest is shocking . And they target people who don't really have other options for credit cards . Customer service is awful

Rebecca meakin

A Good Place To Start After Bad Credit

13:01 29-06-2017

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If you're struggling to get a credit card to start building your credit rating then a Vanquis card is a good place to start. The interest rate is a little high but if you make sure you clear it every month then this is no problem. The biggest letdown for me were the regular sales calls trying to get you to upgrade with extra packages. These eventually tailed off after about a year after repeatedly saying no to them

Glenn Langridge

Vanquis are an excellent overall compsny

18:14 27-06-2017

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I find vanquis fantastic and easy to deal with. They have excellent customer services on hand to help with any issues you may havd

Lisa Heywood

Good company, terrible app

09:39 23-06-2017

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They are a great company, great pay back amount, but their app doesn't make sense when it comes to paying the amount needed each month. Either more money is taken by them at a much later date than it says, or less is taken, but it's extremely rarely the amount it states or the date. It just gets very confusing trying to sort out payments



22:04 22-06-2017

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When I went through a tricky time and needed some help with making my monthly payments they were great and set me up on a payment plan so I could get it under control. Such a relief.

Michelle smith

Very approachable

12:41 20-06-2017

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They have been very helpful, polite and understanding.

Alison Kirk

Our review of Aquis credit card

Our review by Alex
Written by: Alex
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The Aquis Credit Card is provided by Vanquis and is aimed towards those who may have a few blemishes on their credit history. They try to help customers manage their credit by initially giving a maximum limit of £1,000, once it’s been proved that this can be kept to and paid on time, then this can increase every five months until it reaches a final maximum of £4,000. Vanquis also put information on their Aquis Credit Card site to educate customers and give them tips on how to stay out of debt and work towards building up their credit.

Apart from a more expensive representative APR than a lot of credit cards on the market, charges and fees are fairly in line with their competitors – such as the fees for paying late or going over the maximum limit is £12 each. Customers can use their Aquis Credit Card to withdraw cash anywhere in the world with a fee of 3%, but if using it abroad there will also be a non-sterling transaction fee of 2.99%.

There are no online reviews that are specific to the Aquis Credit Card, however Vanquis as a whole have received a rating of ‘excellent’ from TrustPilot. This is much better than a lot of the credit card providers on Choose Wisely and customers are particularly positive about their transparency, communication and being able to use it to rebuild their credit.

Overall verdict: Vanquis appear to help customers rebuild poor credit with their Aquis Credit Card. They give their customers the tools to manage it themselves but with gentle text reminders to ensure they don’t get into trouble. If you have poor credit and are looking for a credit card, this could be the one for you, just watch out for the more expensive representative APR.


  • Manageable initial limit of £1,000
  • Credit limit increases with trustworthiness
  • Manage the card online
  • Decision within one minute
  • Contactless payment

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged at least 18
  • You need to be a UK resident
  • No bankruptcy

About Aquis credit card

The Aquis Credit Card from Vanquis is designed for customers who may have experienced problems with credit it in the past and has a representative APR of 29.8%. To begin with customers could be given a maximum credit limit of £1,000, however if they prove to be trustworthy by keeping under the limit and paying on time then this can increase every five months up to a final maximum of £4,000. There is no annual fee for the Aquis Credit Card, but customers will be charged a fee of £12 if they miss a payment or go over their allocated credit limit.

After completing the application customers should be able to receive a decision within one minute – Vanquis may require further information from the applicant, but they will notify you if this is the case. Once accepted customers can receive their Aquis Credit Card in 10 to 14 days, with the PIN arriving around the same time, but separately for security.

Customers can manage their Aquis Credit Card online by logging into the site where they can access their statement, make payments to the card and check their payment date. Customers can also make payments over the phone, by post and over the counter at a bank or Post Office.