Lloyds | Platinum 0% Purchase and Balance Transfer Credit Card

APR: 18.9% Representative
Intro purchase rate: 0% for 29 months
Purchase rate: 18.94%
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Lloyds | Platinum 0% Purchase and Balance Transfer Credit Card customer reviews

2.9 out of 5 from 47 reviews


10:26 12-06-2017

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Great benefits that come with the account. Travel insurance came handy and boiler break down cover have saved me a lot of money too!

Joanna Olszewska


09:48 10-06-2017

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susan MOONEY

Excellent interest rates

11:40 02-05-2017

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We swapped our credit card over from Barclays Bank to Lloyd's bank for 0% interest! Quick smooth transaction and we can keep an eye on it though internet banking! Staff were really friendly too and welcoming!

Sue Stoddart

Boost my credit rating

09:48 12-02-2017

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To begin with my credit rating was less than adequate but because I bank with lloyds they take into consideration how well I keep up to date with payments and am always in credit so I applied for a credit card and they accepted. I am extremely great duo for their services and customer services. Excellent company

Anjanette Bailey

good service

08:43 02-02-2017

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excellent service always when paying bill


Top Bank!

04:05 03-01-2017

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I have been nothing but happy with my Lloyds credit card. I once had an unknown transaction on my card, and discovered it in the early hours of the morning. Despite the time, I rang Lloyds and they sorted it out immediately and were very helpful. They money was back in my account within a few hours.

Sandra Charnley

worst credit card I've ever had, but customer service is ok

18:09 29-10-2016

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I received a statement, cleared the balance and a few days later called to close my account. The balance was confirmed as cleared and the account closed. Nearly two months later I received a text and a letter by post saying I had missed a payment and a default charge was being added to my account. Having never had to pay anything further once a balance has been cleared on the last 8 credit cards I have had, I was surprised but understood that the amount was for interest on the days between the statement was issued and the payment made. What I didn't understand was how I could be contacted by text and post to inform me of an arrear, but not sent the actual statement telling me I owed a further payment. Or how my account was showing £0, enabling me to close the account in the first place, if there was an outstanding balance due. I called customer services and they insisted the statement was sent out to me. I insisted that it wasn't and there was no reason for me not to pay a £21 bill having just cleared a £7500 balance. They waived the late payment fee which I appreciated, but I am now preparing to have to deal with them again if this shows up on my credit report, which I really hope it doesn't.

Miss Man

Basic but useful

09:27 05-09-2016

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New credit card to do a balance transfer too, easy to view online and to make payments too.

Helen Cornish

Competitive rates and easy to manage through online banking

09:05 13-02-2016

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Lloyds offer competitive products and the online banking service is excellent. Also, the UK based customer service team are always very helpful, and able to resolve queries quickly and efficiently.

Vicky Spencer

good overall service

19:09 12-02-2016

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Great service with low interest rates and contactless payments make it really easy to use. Also easy to manage through the lloyds bank app.

Stuart Critchlow

Our review of Lloyds | Platinum 0% Purchase and Balance Transfer Credit Card

Our review by Alex
Written by: Alex
Consumer sentiment


The main benefit of the Lloyds Platinum Balance Transfer Credit Card is the 0% interest on balance transfers for the first 29 months, as well as the lower balance transfer fee of 2.5% during the first 90 days. After this time it goes up to 3%, however that is a standard fee across competitors and isn’t too high. To make the most of these rates you’ll need to make the balance transfer within the first 90 days, otherwise you’ll pay interest on it as normal.

One thing that differs with the Lloyds Platinum 0% Purchase and Balance Transfer Credit Card is that you could apply for this card even if you already have a credit card with Lloyds Bank. There are a lot of banks out there that specifically request that you haven’t already got a card with them in order to apply. You can also use your Lloyds online banking to control the card and make sure that payments are made on time, as well as keeping an eye on the balance.

For the Lloyds Platinum 0% Purchase and Balance Transfer Credit Card, the OPTIOSCORE has come out just slightly below average. Although the features score quite highly, it’s let down by the simplicity. Looking across the web there are no online reviews for the Platinum 0% Purchase and Balance Transfer Credit Card, but Lloyds Bank itself has received quite a negative reception. With a rating of ‘bad’ on TrustPilot, customers state that they have been locked out of their internet banking for no reason, have reported that customer service communication is poor and that they’ve had problems with the fraud department.

Overall verdict: Despite the negative online reviews, Lloyds are one of the most well-known high street banks and do have swarms of satisfied customers. The Platinum Balance Transfer Credit Card offers a competitive representative APR and the 0% interest on balance transfers for 29 months would be handy if you’re looking to consolidate a few smaller card debts.



  • Representative APR of 18.94%
  • No balance transfer fee for 90 days
  • No annual fee
  • You can apply for this card even if you already have a Lloyds Bank credit card
  • Application online only

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged at least 18
  • You must be a UK resident
  • You need to have a regular income
  • No CCJs, IVAs or bankruptcy

About Lloyds | Platinum 0% Purchase and Balance Transfer Credit Card

The Lloyds Platinum Balance Transfer Credit Card has a representative APR of 18.9%. The maximum credit you will be granted will be determined on your personal circumstances and previous credit history. For up to 29 months you’ll receive 0% interest on balance transfers that are made within 90 days of first opening the account. During these 90 days, you’ll also be charged a 2.5% fee on balance transfer which then goes up to the standard 3%.

In the first 29 months, customers also pay 0% interest on purchases, but you will still have to pay interest on foreign currency transactions and when withdrawing cash. There is no annual fee for the Lloyds Platinum 0% Purchase and Balance Transfer Credit Card, but you will be charged a fee of £12 if you either go over your assigned credit limit or make a late payment.

The application for the Lloyds Platinum 0% Purchase and Balance Transfer Credit Card is completed online and takes around 10 minutes to complete. If successful, you can then manage your loan using online banking – here you’ll be able to view your balance and make payments.