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APR: 18.9% Representative
Purchase rate: 18.95%
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Halifax | Clarity credit card customer reviews

3 out of 5 from 185 reviews

Foreign currency

16:00 01-10-2017

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Tha clarity card gives a very good rate of exchange when used abroad. Recently in Canada and card was accepted everywhere

Charles Burfoot

Perfect travel companion

22:06 29-09-2017

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Travel abroad a lot and use clarity card for everyday cash and spending. Get best rate and so far no extra charges for withdrawing cash or paying bills although I understand some foreign banks may charge. The perfect travel companion

Mairi Girdwood

Free to use Abroad

14:21 11-06-2017

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Perfect card for holidays as it's free to use in shops and restaurants and you get a better rate than exchanging currency. I also withdraw cash at the cashloing and then pay it off on my App so I don't pay any interest. So saves bringing loads of cash away with you when you go on holiday. I think it's a brilliant card.

Deborah Galloway

The Credit Card to use Abroad

11:38 11-06-2017

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Fantastic credit card for using abroad as no transaction fees and a really good rate of exchange

Angella Willis

New User

16:05 10-06-2017

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Obtained this card as my friend has one and she explained sell about it and it looked good.! Just used it for the first time in the USA and Central America. No problems using it at all. Account has just arrived and the exchange rate is far better than any Bureau de Change offers in this country. Went in to the local Halifax just before my holiday to advise them which countries I was going to and got excellent service.



13:30 07-06-2017

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Easy to keep track of and good rates

Katie head

-7.5% for exchange rate

10:38 06-06-2017

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This card gives you free withdrawals aboard but at a stink exchange rate of 7.5%. If you do use if for a cash withdrawal pay it off straight away so you don't start paying interest. However it is good for paying for purchases etc as you get the interbank rate.

Sheilagh Fahy

Best card for abroad travel

11:13 05-06-2017

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Best card for your holidays abroad. Got one of these and it gives the best exchange rate ever while on holiday abroad. No extra charges for cash withdrawal either. I recommend one of these cards for anyone travelling abroad.


Excellent for travel

12:07 04-06-2017

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This is an excellent card to use when you are abroad as, unlike many cards, there are no fees for using your card overseas. Would highly recommend to keep costs down on holiday.

Kathryn Moyse

Difficult Start but Great Credit Card

06:30 31-05-2017

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This credit card took me a while to receive as they lost my application details twice. Eventually I received the Credit Card and I use it for all my holidays abroad and it's perfect.

Simon Cocking

Our review of Halifax | Clarity credit card

Our review by Alex
Written by: Alex
Consumer sentiment


The Halifax Clarity Credit Card not only has a competitive representative APR, but also has less fees than most other credit cards, even those from Halifax. You aren’t charged an annual fee, there’s no fee for balance transfers, you can withdraw cash from ATMs and you can even spend in another country without being charged a fee – all of these perks add to the attractiveness of the Halifax Clarity Credit Card.

As well as the financial benefits of this card, Customers of the Halifax Clarity Credit Card are also granted fraud protection online and can also manage the balance of the credit card using both online and mobile banking. This allows you to keep up to date with payments and avoid the £12 charge for making a late payment or going over your credit limit.

The Halifax Clarity Credit Card has achieved an OPTIOSCORE that is average across the board. However, where they do fall down is their online reviews. Although there are none specific to the Clarity Credit Card, the reviews for Halifax as a whole are quite disappointing. With an overall rating of ‘bad’, customers have been left unhappy with poor customer service, high penalty charges and issues taking too long to be resolved.

Overall verdict: It’s disappointing to see poor reviews from such a big name in banking, but like anything these reviews are only one side of the story. The Halifax Clarity Credit Card comes with decent benefits and is free from fees (unless you miss a payment or go over your limit).


  • No fee for balance transfers
  • No fee for using the card worldwide
  • No annual fee
  • No fee for cash withdrawals
  • Competitive representative APR
  • Withdraw up to £500 cash per day
  • Manage the card with online and mobile banking

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged 18 or over
  • You need to be a UK resident
  • You must have a regular income
  • No bankruptcy, CCJs or IVA

About Halifax | Clarity credit card

The Halifax Clarity Credit Card has a representative APR of 18.9% with the limit being decided on number of factors including personal circumstance and the applicant’s previous experience with credit. With this card you can transfer a balance of at least £100 from other credit or store cards at no extra cost. There is also no fee for using the card anywhere in the world, no annual fee and no fee for withdrawing cash using the Halifax Clarity Credit Card, even in other countries.

The application for the Halifax Clarity Credit Card can be completed online and you’ll receive a decision almost instantly. If you wanted to double check your eligibility before applying then they have a free tool on the website that can do this. Do be aware that any rates provided on through using this tool are just a quote and you could get a different rate or credit limit after the actual application.

The Halifax Clarity Credit is accepted in over 33 million locations worldwide. When used for online shopping you will also be covered against fraud. Halifax give their customers control over their Clarity Credit Card with online and mobile banking and through Faster Payments which can be made to the card within only a few hours.