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APR: 22.9% Representative
Purchase rate: 22.9%
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American Express | Platinum cashback everyday credit card customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 from 70 reviews


16:32 02-07-2017

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Friendly service are good. And quick

Anicia saunders

Amex British Airways Credit Card

15:46 12-02-2017

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The website is easy to use, their text updates are very helpful, and the reward for airmiles is great.

Jamie Elliott

Excellent credit card company

21:10 04-02-2017

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A very easy credit card, and a fantastic online service that allows you to manage your card completely online, even to view your pin if necessary. The annual statements are also very useful.

Jessica steele

Signed up with Amex AviosCredit Card to use with Costco

15:08 04-01-2017

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I have used Amex Credit Cards sparingly in the past, such as the Nectar Card when I shopped more for the points. They work well with promotions like these, but the only problem experienced is a lot of the smaller traders still do not accept them due to the excessive charges. However the rewards have added up nicely and use where ever accept them! The Family and I are hoping to use the saved Avios Points towards our dream Holiday in Brazil. We have about half the flight already paid for! Well worth using for the great rewards programs.

Andy Elliot

Best credit card offer

11:42 26-12-2016

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The American express credit card very good for purchases.


Friend with benefits

18:53 24-12-2016

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Amex platinum cashback credit card means you can save while you spend and the added bonus are the many offers tailored to your account to save on a wide range of products and services.

Steve Ballard

Flexible and very friendly

11:26 24-12-2016

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great card cashback given, complaints are dealt with quickly and fairly, great fraud prevention instantly spotted informed me , stopped the transaction, card and issued a new card all within a day or two can't ask better than that

Chirag Patel

Brilliant for many thing

10:05 19-12-2016

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American Express is always brilliant, great for saving up for avios points and a companion voucher as well.

Julie Guy

Collecting airmiles

09:37 02-12-2016

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I use an American Express as i collect the airmiles so we can use the flights for a nice family holiday each year. Also they do a lot of online rewards if you buy from cenrtain shops you get money off your statement, so its like a cash back scheme as well

Claire Stewart

Good cash back rate, friendly customer service just down the road in Brighton.

17:52 15-11-2016

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Amex have always answered my calls within a few rings, and been extremely friendly, genuine and helpful.

G MacKerron

Our review of American Express | Platinum cashback everyday credit card

Our review by Alex
Written by: Alex
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Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card holders can benefit from fairly good cashback on their spending. After the first three months in which you can earn 5% up to £100, it will either be 1% or 0.5%, depending on how much you spend on the card.

The application for the Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card takes less than 10 minutes to complete online, and you may be able to receive a decision straight away. As well as financial protection in the form of Refund Protection and Product Protection, you’ll also be able to get priority tickets for events and theatre shows as well as insurance if you’re travelling.

American Express have received an average OPTIOSCORE for their Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card which is neither outstanding, nor disappointing. It’s very difficult to find any online reviews that are specific to this particular card, however the American Express brand in general are quite mixed. With a rating of ‘average’ from TrustPilot, customers are pleased with the reliability and online security, however there are customers that are dissatisfied with their customer service and that their cards aren’t accepted everywhere, although this is improving over time.

Overall verdict: The Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card from American Express does come with good benefits that will appeal to most customers, however, the cashback rates aren’t as good as other cards, even within American Express’s offering.


  • 5% cashback up to £100 for your first 3 months
  • Earn up to 1% cashback if you spend over £5,001
  • Purchase protection up to £2,500
  • Refund protection up to £200
  • Travel and shopping protection
  • Priority invites and tickets to shows and events

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged 18 or over
  • You need to have a UK bank or building society account
  • You must have a permanent UK home address
  • No history of bad credit or debt

About American Express | Platinum cashback everyday credit card

The Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card from American Express has an assumed credit limit of £1,200 and a representative APR of 22.9%. If you want to apply for one of these cards you will need to meet a certain set of criteria; you will need to be UK resident be aged over 18, have a current UK bank or building society account and you need to have a good credit history.

There is no annual fee for the Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card, but it does come with some benefits. With this card you’re entitled to Refund Protection – this means that your items are covered for up to 90 days and American Express will refund or replace them if they are worth less than £200, even if the retailer has refused. You can also benefit from priority tickets and events for theatre productions and music.

The Platinum Cashback Everyday Credit Card also comes with a few cashback incentives. For the first three months you can receive 5% cashback up to £100 and it will decrease to 1% after this time if you spend over £5,001 – if you spend under this then you’ll receive 0.5%. You can also request a supplementary card for family members free of charge and as an American Express Cardmember you’ll also benefit from certain protection when you travel.