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NatWest | Select Account customer reviews

3.1 out of 5 from 157 reviews

Select Account - easy simple, great service.

15:39 20-09-2017

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Customer service is ace great product works well on the online banking app.


Not as described

17:02 29-06-2017

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I had a Select account only to discover I was not entitled to some of the products, complained but just ignored, reverted to a basic account. been with them over 20 years looking for a new bank at the moment as really disappointed!

Khalik M

Best banking ever

18:56 30-05-2017

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I love my bank and the way they handle my needs. Very professional and always ready to help with a smile.

Neeraj Chandra

Always helpful

13:43 03-04-2017

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I never never had anything but great customer service from natwest, thats why I have been with them for so many years. Always friendly and helpful aswel as supportive and undrstanding

Michelle Lambley

Too much selling

15:19 12-02-2017

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Overall good service, however, too many attempts to sell me products or get me to switch to accounts I don't need. And the queues in the branches at lunch time aren't great so they shouldn't be trying to sell me things when they are so busy.

Eliza Wilder

Simple and Effective

18:51 06-02-2017

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The account offers everything you need for day to day banking. The online features are great.


Great Bank account with good benefits

18:00 03-02-2017

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My bank account is really easy to use, also use the online banking which is great to check my account balance using my phone. Great rewards package with the added bonus of mobile phone insurance (which has come in handy a few times)

Elizabeth Borg

Easy to use service

19:04 02-02-2017

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I've been with NatWest for years and never had any problems. I've found they have simple, fast and effective methods in place for when you want to make changes to your account. When we wanted to add an overdraft we did it all online and it was ready the next day and when we wanted to move from a select account to a reward account again we did it all online and it was sorted out very quickly with no hassle or fuss. It's very easy to request changes to your account and just as easy to change them back again.

Natalie Jane Baskerville

Amazing account

17:32 23-01-2017

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The standard account natwest provides is an excellent account. The account provides all essentials an account will need plus set trends with contactless features and they are by far the best account range out there.

Aaron Hyde

Excellent app

15:22 05-01-2017

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I have been banking with Natwest since I was born and have moved from telephone and branch banking to mobile phone app banking. I find the service to be excellent. I can access my account 24/7, view my children savings accounts, my savings accounts, my credit card and my business account all in the same place. Brilliant....

Lisa Pollard

Our review of NatWest | Select Account

Written by: Alex
Our review by Alex

The Select Account from NatWest is their free account option and so it comes with the bare minimum in terms of benefits. These cover the basics such as access to mobile banking, online banking and their 24 hour telephone team as well as being able to go into one of their many branches across the UK.

You can also use the mobile app to withdraw cash from selected ATMs, which means if you’ve popped out without your purse or wallet, or had it stolen, then you can take out up to £130 per day to tide you over until you can sort something out. The app can also give you control of your account whilst on the move so you can transfer money to anyone in your contacts as long as they also have the NatWest, RBS, Ulster, NatWest Offshore or Isle of Man mobile apps. Another added bonus is that you can link your NatWest Select Account to Apple Pay on your Apple device, which allows you to make contactless payments in shops, bars and restaurants.

NatWest have unfortunately received disappointing online reviews and they’ve been given a rating of ‘bad’ on TrustPilot. This takes into account all of their financial products and services, not just the Select Account. There seems to be regular complaints about not being able to reach anyone on the phone despite boasting 24 hour call centre. There are also mentions of expensive charges and a lack of communication during applications or fraud investigations.

Overall verdict: Even though the Select Account is free, as expected it does lack the benefits that come with the more premium NatWest accounts. If you are looking for an account that offers something extra like cashback or insurance, then it might be worth exploring other options.


  • Manage the account with online and mobile banking
  • 24 hour UK telephone banking
  • Get emergency cash
  • Switch in just 7 days

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged over 18
  • You need to be a UK resident

About NatWest | Select Account

The Select Account has no monthly fee and is the basic account offered by NatWest. Account holders benefit from the essentials that make banking easy such as being able to control their account via the mobile app, by logging onto the website or by calling the 24 hour UK telephone banking line. Customers can also set up text alerts for regular balance enquiries or for when funds drop below a certain point. Via the mobile app, Select Account holders can check their balance, view their recent transactions and transfer money to friends and family with ease.

Customers of the NatWest Select Account can also request an arranged overdraft when completing the account application. This will have an interest-free threshold of £10, and anything spent over that will incur a charge of £6, plus the interest at 19.89% EAR. If the transaction takes you over the agreed limit by more than £10, you will be charged a usage fee of £6 for each day up to a limit of 15 days.