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8363 reviews

Monthly fee: Free

AER: 0%

LOQBOX | Credit Builder customer reviews.

8363 reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars


  • Good choice if you've been declined for credit and want to improve your credit
  • LOQBOX can help you access cheaper credit in the future
  • You can unlock your savings at anytime
  • Help you build up savings for a rainy day

Minimum criteria

  • You need to be able to save a minimum of £20 a month
  • If you miss payments it could harm your credit
  • LOQBOX is free when you open an account with their partners


  • Overdraft Rate: 0%
  • Credit Rate: 0%
  • APR: 0%
  • Monthly Fee: £0
  • Interest Rate: 0%

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About LOQBOX | Credit Builder

LOQBOX is a free tool designed to help you improve your credit score. First, you decide how much you want to save in a year- between £20 and £200 per month. This amount is then locked away in your LOQBOX, effectively as a 0% loan. You then work your way towards your end savings goal by paying your chosen amount by a certain date each month, as if you would with a loan.

Every time you make a payment it is reported to credit reference agencies as a successful loan repayment and positively impacts your credit score. Once you've repaid the initial amount you decided on, all your repayments are released into a new bank account and you can use the money how you wish. 

LOQBOX is a financial inclusion company, proving customers with a chance to prove their creditworthiness.


Company information

Registration number: 07916178


Henleaze Business Centre, Henleaze, Bristol

FCA registration

Reference No: 694919

Trading names: LOQBOX Technology UK Limited, LOQBOX

Place of business: Henleaze Business Centre, Henleaze, Bristol, England, BS9 4PN

Data protection registration

Registration No: ZA229901

Address: Henleaze Business Centre, Henleaze, Bristol, England, BS9 4PN

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