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1237 reviews

Monthly fee: £3.00

AER: 0%

Representative example: Representative Example*: If you use a planned overdraft of £1,200 you'll be charged £1.50 per day when you use it.

Barclays | Current Account customer reviews.

1237 reviews

2.9 out of 5 stars

Local branch
19:50 18-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

I find I can go into my local branch for advice or to pay in money and if I just want to check anything I can go on the app.

Isabell Whitenstall

All good
18:41 17-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Never had any issues, in branch or online.


Nonsense-free banking for years.
12:38 16-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

I have been successfully banking with Barclays for years. Quick, easy banking, just as it should be.


I can see my non-Barclays account in the app too!
16:45 15-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

I do the majority of my banking through apps, so I think it's great that Barclays has allowed me to add my Santander account to their app. it's made life so much easier now that I can see both accounts and balances in one place! The Barclays app never fails to impress me with new creative features that many other banks don't provide


I found them to be very reasonable and helpful
15:32 15-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

They text me if my account is about to go overdrawn,and even honour payments up to £50 or thereabouts as long as I get the money into my account within a few days.This really helped me once when I was ill (I have M.E.),and got mixed up over my account,going overdrawn.The chap in the bank was very understanding and helpful as he explained that I would not have to pay any charges.

Andrew McLearon

Best bank about
08:08 15-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Never any problems with great customer service and efficient online banking


Barclays bank
03:27 15-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

The online banking is great and shows account information in a clear and logical way but the saving rate on the saving account is poor especially considering the base rate has increased twice and it's still on the level it was on 3 years ago

Richard Rowley

Easy access to info on the app
18:30 14-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Really pleased with the banking app so intuitive


Excellent customer service
14:08 14-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Always great customer service particularly in crisis times such as lost bank card. Always sort things quickly and phone you back if they say they are going to. Also fraud department very good and contact me before I’m even aware of any risk.

Stacey Lunn

Superb customer service
20:57 13-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Customer service and customer care are by miles above anyone else I've ever banked with


Our review of Barclays | Current Account

The Barclays Current Account is free of charge for the standard account, however it can be tailored to your needs and additional extras can be added. For just £3 per month, you can join Barclays Blue Rewards and if you set up two Direct Debits from the account, and pay in at least £800 per month then you get a monthly return of £7. This may be a good idea if you’re going to use the Barclays Current Account as your main account, as if you earn at least £800 from your wages and have this paid straight into this account you’ll be on the way there to earning the reward. You can also earn cashback from well-known high-street retailers simply by using your debit card in store. The funds you earn are paid into an electronic wallet, but can easily be transferred to your main account using mobile or online banking.

If you’re looking to switch to this account from your previous account Barclays will take care of it. You’ll just need to give them a few details about your regular payments such as Direct Debits and standing orders, and they get them transferred to your new Barclays Current Account. This will all be completed within just seven days, but do check to see if you have any payments going out during this period as they could be affected and missed. You can also pay off the overdraft with your previous bank by either depositing the balance to your new Barclays account, or by pre-agreeing an overdraft amount. Then, during the switch, Barclays will clear the overdraft so that you can close your previous account.

Although the web doesn’t have reviews specific to the Barclays Current Account, we can take a look at the type of experience that customers have had with Barclays as a company. Unfortunately, TrustPilot have given them a rating of ‘bad’. Customers have complained about poor customer service, clunky mobile banking and being pushed from branch to telephone team and back again in order to sort out their issues.

Overall verdict: It’s a shame that Barclays have received such negative reviews, however do bear in mind that with such a big bank, this is inevitable. The standard Barclays Current Account offers a range of benefits, that can be customised to suit you - this is a nice touch.

Written by: Alex


  • Keep control with the banking app
  • Overdrafts available up to £5,000
  • Sole and joint accounts available
  • Switch payments within 7 days
  • Cashback available
  • Account rewards such as £7 a month

Minimum criteria

  • You need to be aged 18 or over
  • You must be a UK resident
  • You must not be a student


  • Maximum APR %
  • Arrangement fee: £0
  • Early repayment fee: £0
  • Late payment fee: £0

About Barclays | Current Account

The Barclays Current Account is available to UK residents over the age of 18 that are not in full time education. Customers are able to apply for an overdraft of up to £5,000, however this will depend on previous financial history and personal circumstances. There is no monthly fee for this account. The Barclays current account comes with a range of benefits such as a personalised debit card featuring your favourite photo and mobile and online banking to access your account, check the balance and make secure payments. If switching to the Barclays Current Account from another bank, Barclays guarantee that all the payments will be moved within seven days.

As a Barclays Current Account holder, you will also be given the chance to join Barclays Blue Rewards. This has a monthly cost of £3 but you are given back £7 per month if you deposit £800 into the account and have two Direct Debits set up, as well as being offered the opportunity to earn cashback by purchasing through one of Barclay’s partners such as Matalan, Boots, The Disney Store and Waterstones.

Customers can also choose to add other extras onto their Barclays Current Account such as the Home Protection Pack for £12 per month. This gives you AA boiler and central heating , home essentials and appliance cover. Customers can add an optional boiler service which does cost a little extra.

Company information

Registration number: 01026167


1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP

FCA registration

Reference No: 122702

Trading names: Barclaycard, Woolwich, Standard Life

Place of business: 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP

Data protection registration

Registration No: Z5813704

Data controller: BARCLAYS BANK PLC

Address: 1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP

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