APR: 1294.1% Representative
Loan amount: £80 - £500
Repayment duration: 1 - 3 Months
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2.3 out of 5 from 52 reviews

do not use. there is no such thing as customer service

16:21 03-03-2016

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Deliberately don't contact you following a missed payment and so additional interest is charged. Then when you notice on your account that the payment hasn't been made it is too late to change anything. I offered to pay the total amount that was agreed when i originally took out the loan,but all that they wanted was the additional interest because all that they care about is profit and not the customer service and the financial difficulty that i was in when i took the loan. They just make things worse despite acting like they are there to help


A great service

19:07 20-02-2016

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I must say that personally I have had nothing but I fantastic experience using this company. I have used 3 times in 8 months and have found it extremely easy to use and the customer service is second to none,



22:42 10-02-2016

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Applied for a loan today and received the following statement 'We're happy to confirm that you're now a wage day advance customer. You will now receive and sms from us to confirm when your funds will be in your bank account.' What I did get was an email stating I was rejected. Incredibly poor service from an even poorer company. The directors of this mickey mouse company should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.


Best payday company

17:32 17-06-2014

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Wage day advance is appalling!

15:28 14-02-2014

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Well, where can I start... After having emailed their customer support team twice I am still waiting for a reply THREE days later. Their website is misleading and complicating, they have done nothing but bombard me with emails and texts since I've used them for a very small short term loan. It's appalling. No wonder people get in such financial difficulty. They make it very difficult to work out how much your loan will cost. I would suggest, if you HAVE to use a payday loan go elsewhere. Somewhere simple and straightforward such as wonga. But please only use these companies as a last resort!


Don't go with this company

12:56 04-02-2014

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They rip you off...they charge u 15.00 for same day transferr and there customer service is rubbish.....


Brilliant caring staff

19:07 17-01-2014

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The worst payday lenders ever go to wonga

09:35 28-09-2013

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I have been with this company for the past 4 months , they interests are extremely high and they charge you £15 for transferring your money the same day . When you pay your loan early they don't like it and they will not lend you the next time because they are not making enough money with you .I was declined because I paid my loan early so please go to wonga where you pay early and they can still lend you .



10:52 25-07-2013

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THIS COMPANY IS MISS LEADING AND I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO WASTE THEIR TIME. AFTER MAKING A APPLICATION AND HAVING A EMAIL SAYING Your loan application has been approved! To fast track your application you can call us directly on 0844 324 8509. A member of our team will finalise your application over the phone within minutes and you will be able to receive your money same-day. Alternatively they will attempt to contact you using the details you provided shortly.If you would like a specific time or phone number for us to contact you on today please email [email protected] stating so.2HOURS LATER ....Unfortunately your loan application was unsuccessful this time. Please re-apply in 2-3 months.


Bunch of IDIOTS!!!

07:01 12-12-2012

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I applied for a payday loan from these idiots and got excepted, I signed the agreement and all then within a few minutes I got a call @ my work place from them and my manager picked up and when they asked for me obviously he questioned them further and they said they were calling from Wage Day Advance about a loan. Once they confirmed my employment they called me back and said the phone was not answered in a professional way, and then I gave them the head office number. After them calling and confirming my details from the head office once again they called me back saying that the payday I have given them don't match with the dates they got on there system.. But HELLLOOOO Ive been working there for the past four years so i'm damn sure when I get paid.. And after that they wanted me to send them a recent bank statement. I was totally DISGUSTED of this service and went to wonga in a few clicks got £250 much more than what these idiots offered me and in 10 or 15 minutes I had the money in my account and the funniest part is not only didn't I receive a call at my work place I never even received a call on my mobile asking me any questions.. what an excellent service WONGA. PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK I WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND YOU TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS QUICK CASH. BUT WILL NEVER EVEN DREAM OF RECOMMENDING THESE TIME WASTERS THE SO CALLED WAGEDAYADVANCE TO ANY ONE ELSE..


Our review of WageDayAdvance

Our review by Alex
Written by: Alex
Consumer sentiment


WageDayAdvance offer a representative APR that’s fairly standard within the high-cost short-term market. Unlike other lenders of this type you can defer your loan payments if your term is over one month, however, you’ll still need to pay off the interest that you’ve accrued that month which means in the long run your loan will be more expensive and you’ll end up paying it back later than originally planned. This option isn’t offered for loans over two or three months.

If you miss a monthly payment you will incur a fee of £15, however this will only be charged once and doesn’t apply to loans over 4, 5 or 6 months. To make sure you don’t miss a payment, you can log in to your WageDayAdvance management tool where you can see the details of the loan, your repayment summary and apply for another loan if your original one if fully paid off.

WageDayAdvance have achieved a fairly decent OPTIOSCORE of 50.3 for their features, which the online account management, loan deferral and instalments all contribute towards. Online reviews paint a positive picture of WageDayAdvance with 98% of their 7490 reviews on TrustPilot being positive. Particular mention goes to their quick hassle free service, helpful staff and good communication.

As with any high-cost short-term product the usual warning applies. If you have any doubt whether you can afford to repay your loan on time and in full, then don’t apply. By missing or being late with repayments, you will not only harm your credit file but could be subject to a number of fees, which can soon make things very expensive.

Overall verdict: Despite their fairly expensive representative APR, WageDayAdvance have received a multitude of positive reviews from their customers. They appear to offer their customers a suite of decent features and repayment options, however if you research the market you’ll be able to find cheaper options.


  • No charge for settling the loan early
  • Payout can happen in one hour
  • Returning customers can borrow up to £750

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged 18 or over
  • You must be a UK resident
  • You need to be in employment
  • You must have a bank account and debit card
  • You salary will need to be paid into your bank account


  • Maximum APR 1294.1%
  • Arrangement fee: £0
  • Early repayment fee: £0
  • Late payment fee: £15

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About WageDayAdvance

WageDayAdvance offer high-cost short-term loans between £80 and £750 over a term of one to six months at a representative APR of 1294.1%. For new customers you’ll only be able to borrow up to a maximum of £500, however if you can show yourself to be trustworthy, then you’ll be eligible to borrow the maximum amount should you want another loan with them.

To complete the application you’ll need to fill out the form on the website, but you will need to have details of your home address, employment and your bank account details so that WageDayAdvance can complete their affordability and creditworthiness checks. Once that is all done, they will contact you with their loan decision, term and amount.

During a loan term of a month, you may have the option to defer the loan repayments for a month by paying the interest only. To have this option WageDayAdvance will need to check that you can afford to do so, even then you’re allowed to do this on a maximum of two occasions during one loan term. There are no fees for overpayments or early settlement of the loan, so if you have the ability to do this then simply get in touch with them.

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Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk