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APR: 1077.4% Representative
Loan amount: £100 - £400
Repayment duration: 1 - 30 Days
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Think Money Current Account Plus customer reviews

4 out of 5 from 17 reviews

Definitely Room for Improvement

08:28 11-02-2018

Imagevia Smart Money People

Think Money are a good bank for people like me who are useless with money and need it budgeting for them but their online services are shocking a lot of people including myself have been left frustrated when they constantly have problems with updating their system and you cannot check your funds or pay bills which can lead to embarrassment when you are trying to complete a transaction in a shop. It is especially annoying when you pay for them to provide a service each month and you cannot get access to your account

Sarah C

Simple and reliable

21:05 08-02-2018

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An easy way to manage your money without the need for overdrafts


Excellent money management

07:41 17-01-2018

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The perfect account for people who aren't so great at money management, or for those who have bills coming out on different days of the month.

Sarah Blakebrough

Perfect for me!

18:35 03-01-2018

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Great account if you’re bad at budgeting, the monthly cost is a little high but cheaper than going overdrawn!

Adam Rush

Excellent all round

22:19 15-11-2017

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Think money is easy to use, manage and have total control of your outgoings brilliant customer service with great products offered to its customers and new and improved services take place on a regular basis to stay on top with other UK banks

Al Rasul


14:46 25-07-2017

Imagevia Smart Money People

Often a nightmare to get to speak to someone then when you finally do , that matter is never resolved completely.


Started off well...

11:41 18-05-2017

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Considering this bank control my money going on and out - you'd think a personal loan from them when they can set the payment to their self every month on time would be ideal? No. I got one with another bank. A fee for what? Not a clue.

Gemma Jones

A mixed experience

12:56 29-11-2016

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The managed account concept is good and allows us to manage our bills every month and not worry about them. However customer experience could be much improved. Have spent too long waiting on phone to speak to an advisor and recent upgrade was a disaster although can see some benefits from it. Could not get access to our account for 4 days so had no idea how much money we had and some people had even worse problems and could not access cash they had paid in.

Catherine GW

i regret going with thinkmoney, money dissappears out of my account, so far i'm £170 out of pocket, rang think money and they are no help, and i pay a monthly fee for this

18:20 26-11-2016

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so far i'm £170 out of pocket, because money disappears from my account, rang thinkmoney and no help whatsoever, my advice is stear well clear from them

Christopher Howell

Peace of mind!

12:12 28-03-2016

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I've been with this bank for just under 5 years now and although I don't like paying a monthly fee, it's an excellent way to manage my money. I know bills will be paid and if there is ever a problem I can ring up and they will try to help


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  • Competitive rates
  • As you will have to have a current account with Think Money they will fairly assess your borrowing capacity

Minimum criteria

  • You must have a Think Money current account for at least 3 months
  • You must be aged 18 years or older
  • You must be a UK resident


  • Maximum APR 1077.4%
  • Arrangement fee: £0
  • Early repayment fee: £0
  • Late payment fee: £0

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About Think Money Current Account Plus

Think Money Current Account Plus is a short term loan between 10 and 30 days for loans amounts of £100-£400 for Think Money Current Account holders. You will have had to have a Think Money Current Account for 3 months to be eligibile to apply for the loan.

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