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APR: 1254% Representative
Loan amount: £100 - £1,000
Repayment duration: 14 - 365 Days
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4.6 out of 5 from 193 reviews

Best Customer Service

08:46 18-02-2016

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NextCredit has helped me in the past several times. Always fast, and courteous.



18:25 17-10-2017

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I asked late on Saturday night was accepted & had it by 5pm on the Monday hassel free & really quick not as much interest as I thought will be using again

kirsty Dorning

Do not use - scammers

08:49 23-12-2015

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Took out a loan without doing any research into this company, I know big mistake. They hound you on the phone and make lies about paying and make it difficult for you so they get more interest out of you. Please do not use as there are many good ones out there.


Looking for loan at short notice

07:48 17-10-2017

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I wanted to book something at short notice and applied to Next Credit, application was pretty painless and after a short time approval came through and money in account within no time. No drama and no questions apart from the obvious ones - nice company to deal with.

Robert W

I think they scam people...

13:20 01-10-2015

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Got a £100 loan out, prior to it being transferred however I had a lady call me to question me about it. They tried to take payment yesterday but work hadn't paid me yet (they had by 2pm). Called at 6pm for them to take payment, girl said it "declined" even though there was plenty of money in my account. I paid them directly via online banking at 6.20pm. Get a call the next day to say I am being charged £12 because according to them they didn't receive it until 10am the next day. Called my bank, said it left my account at 6.21pm the day before... so obvious issues on their end meant I had to pay? Called to say I will pay it, and when I receive the proof from my bank that the money was released the day before can I have a refund. Funnily enough my card worked that time... what a coincidence. The whole company is a hassle to deal with, very slow, unapologetic and quite frankly, likely scam people. Reading the comments above seem very similar. Definitely wouldst use again - stay clear!


Very quick funding and very friendly staff

13:36 29-09-2017

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I sorted out my loan in no time. Get my money in no time. Very friendly staff...

Baiba Jansone


11:25 20-02-2014

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Took out a £400 PDL feel into financial difficulty, pleaded for time and other options to pay they refused, were very rude and blunt 2months after due date loan balance stand at £1744 they really don't care be warned


So good

06:41 26-09-2017

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My experience with nextcredit was fantastic if i know anyone who needs a little bit of help i will recommend this company to anyone brilliant quick efficient service good communication.thank you.

Louise Carter


19:50 15-12-2013

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Applied for a loan, late on Thursday evening, subsequently advised that my loan is being processed


Loan Application

14:23 23-09-2017

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10/10. Made an online application. A lady phoned me asked 2 questions. I answered the questions and loan was processed within an hour.

peter shearer

Our review of Next Credit

Our review by Chris
Written by: Chris
Consumer sentiment


Nextcredit focus on providing an excellent experience, with customer service their priority. The company is based in Gloucestershire and they offer both short term loans and a car repair loan product. This review is based on their short term ‘Instalment Loan’ - their rate puts the product around the medium to high end of the market.

Nextcredit offers loans with a value of £100 to £1000, for between two weeks and a year. Their flat rate, which is charged per day, per £100 makes it easy to keep track of loan costs. The company offer free transfers, early repayment without paying extra interest and quick transfer of funds into your bank account after approval. If you are approved before 4PM on a weekday, the funds will be paid into your account on the same day.

The company has some excellent reviews, averaging 4.6/5 at the time of writing and they are quick to respond to complaints with helpful feedback. Nextcredit has a real focus on providing a quality experience, claiming to pay up within 15 minutes of a successful application. However, you should be aware that short term loans are an expensive way to borrow and should not be used if other options are available.


My Verdict: Nextcredit has a very good reputation for providing quality customer service for their short term Instalment Loan. Their transparent application process, flat rate and quick payment have made them a hit with customers. However, a short term loan is a high cost product and you should compare other options and check you are able to afford repayments before applying.


  • Fast payment with no transfer fee
  • No early repayment fee

Minimum criteria

  • You must have a minimum income of £500 per month
  • You must be a UK resident
  • You must be over 18 years of age


  • Maximum APR 1495.3%
  • Arrangement fee: £0
  • Early repayment fee: £0
  • Late payment fee: £12

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About Next Credit

Next Credit offer loans between 14 days and 12 months for loans amount ranging from £100 to £1,000. They advertise fast payment fees, 15 minutes after you have been approved and they don't charge any fees for this fast transfer.


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