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APR: 581.14% Representative
Loan amount: £150 - £1,000
Repayment duration: 1 - 52 Weeks
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5 out of 5 from 1 reviews

very friendly staff who help you throughout the process

07:01 18-04-2016

Imagevia Smart Money People

Subme are a very professional and friendly company who treat customers how they should be treated. i do not feel like i am on a conveyor belt. They have many individual products to choose from

lee lloyd

Our review of In-Sync Credit Services

Our review by Chris
Written by: Chris
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In-Sync Credit Services are a specialist lender based in Surrey. They have products available for the self-employed, accountants and building contractors, but this review is for their short term loan. The company prides itself on providing a straightforward application process with a flexible way to repay and no hidden fees. You might see some reviews for the company which mention ‘Subme’ - this was the previous name for In-Sync Credit Services.

The company offers short term loans for between £150 and £1000, which can be paid back either weekly or monthly over 1 to 12 months. They will calculate your repayments in advance, so that you have a clear idea of the total cost of the loan. It’s also worth noting that In-Sync Credit Services is unusual in its focus on self-employed consumers. However, as with any short term loan, this is an expensive way to borrow and it’s worth considering whether other options are available to you before applying.

As a relatively small lender, there are only a few reviews available for this company. However, it appears that most people are satisfied with the customer service and the company is quick to respond to negative reviews and fix any problems. 

My Verdict: In-Sync Credit Services are a specialist lender with a transparent application process. The company also provides services to self-employed people, so they’re worth considering if this is your situation. Short term loans are an expensive way to borrow, so make sure you compare your options and check that you'll be able to afford the repayments before applying.


  • Repayments can be made weekly or monthly
  • No hidden charges
  • Easy online application
  • Loan could be available the same day

Minimum criteria

  • You will need to be 18 years old or over
  • You must be a UK resident
  • You need to have a UK bank account with debit card
  • No CCJs
  • You must be in employment or self employed


  • Maximum APR 581.14%
  • Arrangement fee: £0
  • Early repayment fee: £0
  • Late payment fee: £15

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About In-Sync Credit Services

In Sync Ltd is a short term instalment lender that offer loans between £150 and £1,000 over periods of both weekly and monthly instalments ranging from 1 week up to 12 months. Their representative APR is 581.14%, and they will take into account your affordability and creditworthiness before agreeing to fund the loan. There are no set-up or admin fees, you simply pay your agreed daily interest. However, if you do miss a payment there is a charge of £15 and you will still have to pay the daily interest.

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