Here's what to do if you've been charged by

Here's what to do if you've been charged by
A number of Choose Wisely customers have contacted us over the last couple of weeks concerned about a company called Budget Balance. In each case, customers have had £29.89 taken from their bank account. With so many customers unsure as to why they’ve been charged or who Budget Balance even are, we’ve put together a quick guide on what you should do next.

Who are Budget Balance? is a trading name of Newtech Digimarketing Ltd (registered company number 1018392) and looks to offer a subscription budgeting tool. Budget Balance do not offer or arrange loans for anyone. To confirm, Choose Wisely is in no way associated or affiliated with

Budget Balance contact details:

After a bit of googling we’ve hunted down a website and contact details for Budget Balance which we’ve put below.


(Beware some of the people we have spoken to have struggled to access their site)

Phone: 0844 736 4360

Email: [email protected]

Their FAQ page:

Their cancel page:

What to do if you’ve unknowingly been charged by Budget Balance

1. Contact your bank

Contact your bank ASAP and make sure that they cancel any direct debits or continuous payment authorities that might be on your card.

2. Contact Budget Balance

Use the details above to contact Budget Balance and cancel your contract. According to their website they will cancel any accounts immediately.

The reason you’re probably being charged

Chances are you’ve applied for a loan through an online broker and been directed towards Budget Balance. You’ve probably unknowingly signed up for their subscription service and are now being charged. You should contact Budget Balance to cancel asap in order to avoid any more payments being taken.

Tips for the future

In the future, always, always read the small print. If you do decide to apply for a loan, start with a reputable price comparison site (such as Choose Wisely) to compare direct UK lenders.

The Choose Wisely smart search will give you suitable lenders to compare that have accepted your application.