Inez Miedema

“I believe anyone who cannot access basic financial products through the high street banks should be able to find a trustworthy place to inform themselves, compare alternatives and make educated decisions around their finances.”
Inez Miedema

Inez came on board in the Summer of 2019. Her main focus has been the formation of the Marketing Team who are responsible for helping as many people as possible find our website through online marketing, writing content and partnership deals. She boasts 6 years of FinTech experience with other brands and has an in-depth knowledge of our customers.

After graduating from a Bsc in International Business & Management and double Msc in International Management & CEMS she spent her time scaling start-ups from a designer furniture business to an international money transfer business. She shares her knowledge of FinTech Products having worked with them for 6 years, helping to scale UK’s #1 FinTech TransferWise, now giving her expert opinion to help Choose Wisely's customers.

Inez's personal priorities include taking long walks on the beach, making her newly acquired home more homely, exercising, baking/cooking and spending time with friends and family.

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