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APR: 5.9% Representative
Intro purchase rate: 0% for 3 months
Purchase rate: 5.9%
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Tesco | Low APR credit card customer reviews

3.2 out of 5 from 101 reviews

Easy to use and Clubcard points too!

11:36 27-09-2017

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I signed up for this credit card because it was 0% interest for a long time. A credit card is a credit card usually - there's not much difference but at least if I had to be in debt, I was getting some Clubcard points to spend in Tesco. Additionally, the account was extremely easy to maintain online, which made a difference if I ever wanted to make extra payments or do any other account maintenance.

Clare Gorst

Easy simple credit card

16:16 30-06-2017

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Basic card with offers updated regularly.


Tesco offered good rate and have offered good customer service

22:26 29-06-2017

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Tesco Bank has been easy to use within the app. They offered me a great rate and continue to use card to improve my credit rating.


Great service

19:43 29-06-2017

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Great service Always helpful Fab interest free on purchases period Also acts as a club card and spending earns me club card points

Megan jones

Great way to earn clubcard points

11:39 12-06-2017

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I had 21 months interest which I thought was really generous.

Raych Bonness

No fees, no hassle

18:48 11-06-2017

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Great credit card. Does what it says, and you get extra clubcard points (although less than we used to get)

Lindsey Wells

Great if you pay in full

10:50 11-06-2017

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Never had any problems. By paying balance in full each month no cost to me but get additional clubcard points which I convert into decent rewards every so often

Jeremy Hards

Interest Free and Clubcard Points Too

17:18 02-06-2017

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I have had no problems at all with Tesco bank credit card. There are easy ways to pay and you can check your balance or make payments online. From time to time you get the option of increasing your credit limit but if you don't want to that's ok too so there's no pressure. The card I got has got interest free credit which has been helpful as I am having my house renovated, so I have paid with my credit card and now I have a bit of breathing space to pay without worrying about how much interest I will have to pay. Added to all that, I also get Clubcard points!

Clare Gorst


17:55 31-05-2017

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Easy and simple to apply with quick decision

Jason collins

Hassle free account

13:09 23-05-2017

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Never experienced any problems with this provider.

John Brady

Our review of Tesco | Low APR credit card

Our review by Alex
Written by: Alex
Consumer sentiment


As you’d expect, the main benefit of the Tesco Low APR Credit Card is indeed the competitive rate of APR. At time of writing this is one of the cheapest on Choose Wisely and is the lowest rate that Tesco offer on any of their cards. As well as the cheap interest rate customers also receive 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for the first month of the account opening, and the balance transfer fee is also set at 0% for that time as well. You’ll be able to transfer up to 95% of your credit limit, but this can’t be from another credit card from Tesco Bank.

If you’re a frequent Tesco customer then you might enjoy this card for the Clubcard points that you can accrue. For every £4 spent in store you can receive 1 point, and even if you shop elsewhere you can still earn them at a rate of 1 point per £8 spend. These points can then be exchanged for nights out, restaurant vouchers or money off your shopping. This is a nice little added benefit that most of their competitors can’t offer.

The OPTIOSCORE for the Tesco Low APR Credit Card is average across all the categories, with nothing standing out as particularly positive. Unfortunately, there are no reviews online that are specific to the Low APR Credit Card, but for their cards overall Tesco Bank have been given a rating of ‘poor’ by TrustPilot. Although there are customers who are happy with their experience, there does seem to be an issue with customers having to jump through hoops at the application stage and still getting declined.

Overall verdict: If you are an avid collector of Tesco Clubcard points and have a good credit history then the Low APR Credit Card is an affordable option that’s worth considering. Not practical if you want to do balance transfers as you’ll still have to pay interest.


  • Competitive representative APR
  • 0% on balance transfers and purchases for the first month
  • Earn Clubcard points as you spend
  • Decision within a minute
  • Links up with Apple Pay
  • Manage the card with the mobile app

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged over 18
  • You need to be a UK resident
  • You must earn at least £5,000 per year
  • You must have good credit history
  • You don’t already have more than 1 Tesco Bank credit card
  • You have not applied for a Tesco Bank credit card within the last month

About Tesco | Low APR credit card

The Tesco Low APR Credit Card has a representative APR of 5.9% and customers pay 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for the first month. Customers also don’t have to pay a fee for balance transfers within the first month, but after this time it will increase to 3%. The minimum credit limit is £250 and the maximum credit limit will be decided by Tesco during the application process taking into account previous credit history and personal circumstances.


The application process takes around 10 minutes and you can be told within one minute whether you’re accepted for the Tesco Low APR Credit Card. Customers can manage their cards using either the mobile app or by logging in online, your card can also be linked to Apple Pay. When spending with the Low APR Credit Card you can also earn Clubcard points as you spend – it’s 1 point for every £4 spend with Tesco and 1 point per £8 if spending elsewhere. These points can then be exchanged for vouchers or treats chosen by the customer.