British Airways | American Express® Premium Plus credit card

APR: 76% Representative
Purchase rate: 22.9%
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British Airways | American Express® Premium Plus credit card customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 from 72 reviews

Great 5% cashback on purchases

00:58 09-06-2017

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OK so you can't use it everywhere but the Platinum Everyday Cashback card gives you a very tasty 5% return with a maximum payback of £100.

Owen Richards

The power of amex

16:16 08-05-2017

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The power of amex is amazing but their customer service could be a bit more helpful

Alice brett

Excellent cash back with top service

12:23 20-04-2017

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Excellent introductory rates and caring & sympathetic staff - happy to cancel my interest charge upon explanation of some very extraordinary circumstances.

Thomas Butcher

Good card which gives you rewards

12:18 18-04-2017

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I like American Express, easy to use mobile phone app to keep a look out on your balances aswell as having shop small events where you get £5 cashback when you spend £10 is a good deal, they also offer you good cashback to begin with for 3 months. When ever you phone customer services they are also very quick to answer the phone and always polite.

Matthew best

Fabulous rewards

20:42 21-03-2017

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Amex is fabulous for their rewards! We have received loads of M&S vouchers since getting an Amex credit card...just make sure you pay it off in full each month!!

Gemma mackenzie


15:09 03-03-2017

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My Amex card gives me 1% cashback on all of my spending on the card. So the more I spend, the more I save. It doesn't add up to much over the course of a month but every little helps

Simon Peters

Normally a fan...

18:37 12-02-2017

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Tried to cancel a card, but as I no longer have the card...was told I had to write in. When asked if I could cancel via a secure message (I still have access to my online account), I was told that wasn't possible...tried it anyway, and my request has been accepted. Asking me to write in to cancel is unacceptable in this day and age.


A great credit card with some great offers

14:48 12-02-2017

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You get great offers giving you money back for spending at certain stores

Lorraine Folbigg

Good reward card

23:23 10-02-2017

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Useful way to gain extra nectar points. Only downside being that no everywhere takes AMEX

Jun Mo

Great benefits - but expensive card fee

14:49 21-01-2017

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I have an airmails card with AMEX - and the annual fee is quite high - but I do renew each year because the miles and benefits are worth it. I always have good experiences when I contact the company and you do get the feeling they are going the extra mile


Our review of British Airways | American Express® Premium Plus credit card

Our review by Alex
Written by: Alex
Consumer sentiment


The British Airways American Express Premium Plus credit card is mid-table on Choose Wisely when it comes to affordability. They try to entice customers with their flight-based incentives such as 25,000 Avios in return for spending £3,000 in the first three months. You can also earn 1.5 Avios for every £1 you spend – to put it into context with 20,000 Avios you could get one return flight from London to Moscow or another location in Europe and Africa.

As well as the flight incentives you can also receive the standard American Express benefits with your British Airways Premium Plus credit card. These range from their online management tool, priority tickets to events and films and protection for shopping and travel.

It’s difficult to find any online reviews that are specific to this particular card, however reviews for the American Express brand in general are quite mixed. With a rating of ‘average’ from TrustPilot, customers are pleased with the reliability and online security, however there are customers that are dissatisfied with their customer service and the fact their cards aren’t always accepted everywhere - coverage is improving over time.

Overall verdict: Even though it’s a tad more expensive than other cards, the British Airways benefits are quite an incentive if you are eligible for this card. The amount of protection you get for travel and shopping, it could be a card worth looking into, especially if you’re a regular traveller.


  • Travel and shopping protection
  • Online account management
  • Automatic enrolment to the British Airways Executive Club
  • 25,000 bonus Avios welcome offer
  • Companion Voucher if you spend over £10,000 per anniversary year
  • Earn 1.5 Avios for every £1 you spend

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged 18 or over
  • You must have a UK bank or building society account
  • You need to have a permanent UK address
  • No history of bad credit or debt

About British Airways | American Express® Premium Plus credit card

The British Airways American Express Premium Plus credit card has a representative APR of 76% an annual fee of £195. The minimum credit limit is £750, but the maximum is determined by American Express who will look at your credit history and personal circumstances when making a decision. This card comes with a number of British Airways benefits which depend on how much you spend with them.

As a welcome offer you get 25000 bonus Avios (the global currency) if you spend £3,000 in your first three months, you’ll also be automatically enrolled into the British Airways Executive Club and you’ll get a Companion Voucher if you spend over £10,000 per anniversary year. As ongoing benefits you’ll receive 1.5 Avios for every £1 you spend on your British Airways American Express Premium Plus credit card, as well as travel and shopping protection. You will also be awarded 3 Avios for virtually every £1 you spend direct on British Airways flights and holidays. 

If you want to apply for one of these cards you will need to meet a certain set of criteria; you will need to be UK resident aged over 18, have a current UK bank or building society account and you need to have a good credit history. The application process only takes around 10 minutes and you can receive your decision within minutes.