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139 reviews

Monthly fee: Free

AER: 5%

Representative example: Representative example (assumed overdraft £1,200): 0% EAR variable on the first £100, 15.9% EAR variable thereafter.

M&S | Current Account customer reviews.

139 reviews

2.5 out of 5 stars

App needs more features
21:28 11-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

M&S doesn't really support mobile banking, you can just about move money and see a few transactions but that's about it. That's if the app will load at all.

Emma Holness

Convenient banking
07:22 09-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Helpful staff, no long queues, convenient and accessible while shopping.


Excellent service
18:52 06-11-2018
ImageSmart Money People

They cannot do enough to help in every way.

Stephen Flanagan

Would give zero stars if I could - application cancelled
18:57 04-10-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Waited over two weeks for them to start processing my application, received a text to call for more information. 1st call - 17 minutes to be transferred (and cut off), second call - success! But the information I had put on the form didn't add up - my annual salary before tax and my monthly after tax didn't add up... I assured them the numbers were right - after all I have numerous work benefits that come out of monthly. They wanted to fully explore to protect the bank and me. Not for me, sorry. Never had this much trouble opening a bank account. Cancelled my application there and then and staying with First Direct who answer in a few rings!


Slow, and Beware the Log-on Hindrance Device
11:46 04-10-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Switched to M&S Bank for the offer of an M&S voucher card. The switching process and receipt of the voucher has been very slow with minimal communication. M&S Bank is very old school - lots of fairly useless paper and booklets get posted to you but very little by way of email updates during the switch. However the most annoying issue by far, is the use of an old-school style authentication device which is needed to log in to the online banking. This is often needed as their iOS banking app is restricted in terms of functionality. Why on earth banks still expect you to carry one of these is beyond me, and in the M&S case even more bizarre since the service is essentially provided by HSBC, who have moved to a mobile-phone based authentication service. I will be switching again.... once the voucher arrives anyway.


getting better
16:50 25-09-2018
ImageSmart Money People

After the initial teething problems things are now improving. Just one or two quibbles, nothing to warrant complaining about. The app does not use fingerprint sign in, nor can you review login info incase of typos. Pass unit is annoying at times. But otherwise I am happy.


"New-fashioned banking"? Old-fashioned incompetence!
09:40 30-08-2018
ImageSmart Money People

I wish had read these reviews before switching - in fact I (almost) wish I'd stayed with TSB! I should have heeded the warning signs, when it took three long phone calls, three application forms and over six weeks to actually open the account. The little code generator is a joke - First Direct (also part of HSBC) ditched these years ago for phone-generated codes and even then they're only needed for some transactions. How can I make any transactions away from home without taking this stupid little object around with me? Ah, the mobile app! - no, can't do anything except see my balance and recent transactions. Today, a paper statement turned up - I haven't seen one of these for at least 5 years! So, I go online to get my statements changed to online only. "Not available yet" Not that keen to save the planet, are we, M & S? I will be switching again as soon as I can.


Still waiting
09:38 08-08-2018
ImageSmart Money People

Never had to wait so long to switch bank account. Probs about 7 weeks now


Did I make a mistake?
13:12 27-06-2018
ImageSmart Money People

At the end of the online application I was told I was successful. I hear nothing from them so called after 2 weeks only to be told that the form I returned was not complete. Sent in another. Heard nothing. After another 2 weeks was told that I was in the process of having the account set up. Finally got account number, debit card and pin 6 weeks after original application. I can see my account online but cannot get access. Received a letter today telling me that I should get access this afternoon. No such luck. Called again was told that they are having software problems. That I would definitely get access on Friday. Also told that there would me a new signing on process in which I must use the 'dongle' each time I want access. Finally got the account set up only to find the dongle is difficult to use. Still waiting for thje swich


Customer service appalling
08:13 22-06-2018
ImageSmart Money People

I had a dispute regarding £400 not dispensed from cash point. M&S customer service initially were helpful and credited my account pending investigation. 7 months later a message was left on my voicemail to call them. I called and spoke to customer service rep who informed me they decided against me and debited the £400 money that day. They refused to put me through to disputes team as they do not speak to their customers apparently. left holding and holding while customer service rep spoke to them. Never received anything in writing about the investigation. When I wrote to complain got bog standard letter saying hope complaint resolved. I am still £400 out of pocket after trusting my money with M&S bank. When I tried to call and speak to them none of customer service team wanted to investigate or help. Lastly, I do not make a point of complaining publicly but I have never encountered such systematically poor customer service.


Our review of M&S | Current Account

M&S have made sure that their customers can reap benefits with their Current Accounts. However, these rewards are usually tied back to shopping at M&S - so if you’re an M&S regular it’s worth considering, if not it then they may not be that attractive. When spending in an M&S store or online using the debit card linked to your M&S Current Account you will accrue points, these are then converted into vouchers that can be used on any of M&S’s food, homeware or clothing products. If there is a bigger purchase you have in mind these points can be saved up over a 15 month period.

One thing to watch out for if you’re going to apply for the M&S Current Account is that you will have to undergo a credit check to see if you are eligible for the account. So if you have blemishes on your credit file, or have had CCJs, IVAs or bankruptcy in the last six years then it might be worth looking at other current accounts as it is unlikely that you will be accepted for the M&S Current Account.

Looking online for M&S Current Account reviews doesn’t provide much information. However, we can take a look at M&S as a company to gauge the type of experience that customers are having. It’s quite difficult to apply their ‘bad’ rating on TrustPilot to their banking products as this also covers their clothing and food as well. If we search through and find the reviews about M&S Bank customers seem to be pleased with the ease of applying and good rates, however there has been problems with the responsiveness of the customer service team.

Overall verdict: If you have good credit and regularly shop at M&S their Current Account is right up your street. You can earn rewards every time you spend in store or online which you can then exchange for treats and even more shopping – which is great when you consider that there’s no monthly fee!

Written by: Alex


  • £185 M&S gift card for switching (must stay for 24 months)
  • No monthly fee
  • Automatic £500 overdraft when opening the account (first £100 is interest free)
  • Overdraft interest is charged at 15.9% EAR variable on all balances over £100
  • Manage the account with the mobile app
  • Earn 1 point for every £1 spent in M&S

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged over 18
  • You need to be a UK resident
  • You must agree to a credit search for the application


  • Maximum APR %
  • Arrangement fee: £0
  • Early repayment fee: £0
  • Late payment fee: £0

About M&S | Current Account

The M&S Current Account comes without a monthly fee. By switching to the M&S Current Account and staying with M&S for a year customers can earn a £185 gift card – this is broken up into two parts and the first £125 is received during the initial switch. Once the gift card has been received, it'll be topped up with an extra £5 per month if you've got two active Direct Debits and a minimum of £1,000 in the account. Customers are given an automatic £500 overdraft when the account opens and the first £100 is interest-free, after this it’s charged at 15.9% EAR variable.

M&S Current Account holders can also earn 1 point for every £1 they spend using their M&S debit card both in store and online. These points are then converted into M&S rewards vouchers four times a year and posted to your home to be used for food, homewares or their clothing. These vouchers can also be saved up for up to 15 months to help towards bigger purchases.

Customers can keep control over their M&S Current Account using the M&S Balance mobile app. This lets you view your balance, your last six transactions and even make mobile phone top ups if needed. Online banking, in-branch or 24 hours a day via the UK call centre are all available to account holders.

Company information

Registration number: 01772585



Kings Meadow, Chester Business Park, Chester, Cheshire, CH99 9FB

FCA registration

Reference No: 151427

Trading names: Marks & Spencer Financial Services PLC, M & S Bank

Place of business: Kings Meadow, Chester Business Park, Chester, Cheshire CH99 9FB

Data protection registration

Registration No: Z7484152

Data controller: Marks & Spencer Financial Services PLC

Address: Kings Meadow, Chester Business Park, Chester, Cheshire CH99 9FB

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