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AER: 5%
OPTIOSCORE 83.6/100 
M&S | Current Account customer reviews

2.5 out of 5 from 78 customer reviews

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M&S | Current Account customer reviews

2.5 out of 5 from 78 reviews

Rubbish customer service

10:34 08-08-2017

via Smart Money People

Took out a credit card on Saturday, used it twice and then it was refused. Telephoned M&S and was told it had been cancelled the day it was issued - impossible as I had used it twice! Reactivated card and promised to look into the problem. Nothing further heard. Wrote to M&S "customer service." Nothing heard. Paid off account, e-mailed cancellation and requested confirmation that account closed. Nothing heard. E-mailed again - guess what nothing heard. Given up and filed under "Hopeless".

A Richards

False info on switching bank account

20:33 04-08-2017

via Smart Money People

Was wrongly informed while applying for switching bank account as I was never offered what I was promised.. Poor customer care from switching team. Wont recommend it to anyone....... Rude service as I have never felt valued.. Total wate of time...

subba rebbapragada

Appalling service.

19:30 03-08-2017

via Smart Money People

When calling you get cut off this happened 3 times. Requested list of direct debits after calling 3 times still not arrived had to speak to the manager.. For what they charge it's a disgrace. I am in the process of leaving.asap.


An excellent account which pays ME to use it

22:55 30-07-2017

via Smart Money People

I opened an M&S premium current account. The bank is easy to use online, and the account gives me free weekly cups of tea or coffee, paid me £100 to open (plus £120 for keeping the account open for a year) and pays me 5% on a savings account. On top of this, I get triple rewards using my M&S credit card. Thank you M&S-you're simply the best.....!

Patrick Darke

Good in parts but incompetent overall

12:46 05-07-2017

via Smart Money People

Basic banking okay, but anything out of the ordinary seems to flummox them and put up the shutters. Appalled by their attitude towards me, their customer and can't wait to switch away


Technical issues everywhere - website, app, their systems - makes it impossible

17:04 02-07-2017

via Smart Money People

Their website doesn't work (sometimes I can't transfer money to people due to internal server errors). Their contact forms don't work either, rejecting common punctuation, such as quotation marks, as "invalid characters". Their app doesn't work. Sometimes I can't log in because clicking on the passcode field doesn't bring up the keyboard. My chip in my credit card has stopped being recognised by card readers after only a month of use. It's not even worth the £10 a month I get on my gift card to put up with the continuous problems.

Mark Fisher

Thank God my partner is leaving

12:56 30-06-2017

via Smart Money People

All I get are constant moans about this appalling account with it's unusable version of pinsentry. Will have a quiet life once the transfer over is complete.

Peter Mannell

not worth the effort of applying

08:25 21-06-2017

via Smart Money People

filled form in online then received email asking to ring them. they asked such stupid questions ie how much do you think you will have in account next year, what will you spend money on . my husband got so tired of questions said he could be dead next year who knows .was excepted but decided not to go ahead glad after reading other reviews too much hassle


Tortuous set up process, poor services, waste of time.

16:36 20-06-2017

via Smart Money People

If I could put 0 stars I would. Had planned to make this my primary account, however the set up has been tortuous, for example to set up online banking I have had to click 3 different parts of their website, use their M&S Pass, to call them twice and to come up with 9 different passwords/numbers/secret answers. The actual service/ app you get with this is also appauling compared with competitors. They've also messed up my current account switch meaning I'll have to go back to pay off my old account as they withdrew too much. Bizarre. Never had any bank require so much time, effort nor irritation to set up. Cannot imagine myself sticking with their service as it does not work for my generation/ anyone computer savvy, which I have to be as I do not have a nearby branch.

Ellie Berry

Swtiching was so painful I pulled out

15:56 17-06-2017

via Smart Money People

I tried to make an appointment to switch my current account, but couldn't get through. I then visited Braehead branch, and made an appointment. They couldn't give me one for over two weeks. Come the day of the appointment, I forgot my bag, and therefore my driving licence and the Debit Card / Account Number of the bank I was switching from. I still had utility bills, including my Council Tax bill, and an expired passport as alternative means of identity. Also, I offered to bring the forgotten documents in at a later point, and suggested we just get on with setting up the account. But they couldn't do that. The only thing they could offer was another appointment in more than two weeks time. Again. So I just pulled out of the process. If this is what M&S thinks is \new fashioned banking\" I'm sure the branch managers must all like their penny farthing \""company cars\"". This bank is dreadful. And reading other reviews regarding off-shore call centres. looks like a I dodged a bullet. It's just not worth the hassle switching for a poxy gift card."""


Our review of M&S | Current Account

Written by: Alex
Our review by Alex

M&S have made sure that their customers can reap benefits with their Current Accounts. However, these rewards are usually tied back to shopping at M&S - so if you’re an M&S regular it’s worth considering, if not it then they may not be that attractive. When spending in an M&S store or online using the debit card linked to your M&S Current Account you will accrue points, these are then converted into vouchers that can be used on any of M&S’s food, homeware or clothing products. If there is a bigger purchase you have in mind these points can be saved up over a 15 month period.

One thing to watch out for if you’re going to apply for the M&S Current Account is that you will have to undergo a credit check to see if you are eligible for the account. So if you have blemishes on your credit file, or have had CCJs, IVAs or bankruptcy in the last six years then it might be worth looking at other current accounts as it is unlikely that you will be accepted for the M&S Current Account.

Looking online for M&S Current Account reviews doesn’t provide much information. However, we can take a look at M&S as a company to gauge the type of experience that customers are having. It’s quite difficult to apply their ‘bad’ rating on TrustPilot to their banking products as this also covers their clothing and food as well. If we search through and find the reviews about M&S Bank customers seem to be pleased with the ease of applying and good rates, however there has been problems with the responsiveness of the customer service team.

Overall verdict: If you have good credit and regularly shop at M&S their Current Account is right up your street. You can earn rewards every time you spend in store or online which you can then exchange for treats and even more shopping – which is great when you consider that there’s no monthly fee!


  • £170 M&S gift card for switching (must stay for 24 months)
  • No monthly fee
  • Automatic £500 overdraft when opening the account
  • Earn 1 point for every £1 spent in M&S
  • Manage the account with the mobile app

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged over 18
  • You need to be a UK resident
  • You must agree to a credit search for the application

About M&S | Current Account

The M&S Current Account comes without a monthly fee. By switching to the M&S Current Account and staying with M&S for a year customers can earn a £170 gift card – this is broken up into two parts and the first £50 is received during the initial switch. Customers are given an automatic £500 overdraft when the account opens and the first £100 is interest-free, after this it’s charged at 15.9% EAR variable.

M&S Current Account holders can also earn 1 point for every £1 they spend using their M&S debit card both in store and online. These points are then converted into M&S rewards vouchers four times a year and posted to your home to be used for food, homewares or their clothing. These vouchers can also be saved up for up to 15 months to help towards bigger purchases.

Customers can keep control over their M&S Current Account using the M&S Balance mobile app. This lets you view your balance, your last six transactions and even make mobile phone top ups if needed. Online banking, in-branch or 24 hours a day via the UK call centre are all available to account holders.