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01:07 03-12-2017

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Not very good with online chat and getting money's back from people who should not have taken it

Da Baitch Dontbenosie

Nothing special

09:45 13-06-2017

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I have had an account with RBS for 18 years, and have just moved to the Bank of Scotland as they have a much better account. I have not had any problems with RBS, their staff have always been friendly. However, the actual Select Account is nothing special, it's very basic. I had a visa debit card but for some reason RBS refused to give me a contactless card (I asked twice, and have never had problems with the account!). I have had an account at TSB for a few years now which has a contactless card, as has my new Bank of Scotland account. RBS also don't pay interest on their Select Account (both the TSB and Bank of Scotland do pay interest), and the interest rates on their savings accounts are terrible. They do have another reward account which pays cashback on direct debits, but there is a monthly fee so I wouldn't earn that much switching to it as my bills are quite low. All in all, RBS are okay. The account is basic, it's nothing special. I think I have found better accounts elsewhere. So while I would not tell people to avoid RBS, there are much better accounts out there.


Good service, not a lot of benefits

21:51 31-01-2017

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Attempted to change name on bank account. Had three forms of I.d with me but was told it couldn't be done. Went to different branch who did it there and then

Jenn MacCaskill

It is what it is

21:54 24-01-2017

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Your standard debit account. No sneaky charges etc etc. Incredible mobile app, great online banking features (minus the need to go on rbs.co.uk/Englandandwales rather that just rbs.co.uk) and great support from customer services whenever you need them. Best of all must be their feature to draw cash, even if you don't have your card, it's saved me so many times!

Idris Ahmed

Average bank but you can't really rely on them

18:07 17-01-2017

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When I've had dealings in branch I just can't rely much on the staff for following through on actions they've promised. All the online services are great though. It's just the branch staff are a bit meh.

Brian O'Toole

It's a current account, nothing more, nothing less,it just is. Nothing stands out.

14:49 17-01-2017

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There are so many providers offering products and add ons with their current accounts. I think RBS lacks this facility and is falling behind compared to other banks. With all RBS's bad press I would suggest it rectifies this anomaly.


Current Account

18:57 15-01-2017

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Not much to say really. The basic current account is ok for me. It does what I need. Transfers are easy and can get overdraft if needed. No faults really just a basic account.

Norman Rendall


21:19 28-12-2016

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No nonsense, standard, works fine.

Paul A J Hamilton

Poor customer service

09:16 06-12-2016

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The worst company to bank with - I managed to get into debt a number of years ago and they allowed it to keep happening and levying high charges on my account to impact the issue. They were very helpful in helping me sort matters out.


No queues on the phones

18:08 29-11-2016

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I always phone when I need something & they answer so quickly.

Sheila Shepheard

Our review of RBS | Select Account

Written by: Alex
Our review by Alex

The Select Account from RBS is completely free and comes with the minimum benefits that you would expect from a current account such as access to mobile banking, online banking and a 24 hour telephone team. Customers also receive a contactless card and can request an arranged overdraft at the time of application. One thing to watch though is that the interest-free buffer is only £10, after this you’ll be charged so beware.

You can also use the RBS Select Account mobile app to withdraw cash from selected ATMs, which means if you’ve lost your card or had it stolen, then you can take out up to £300 to tide you over until you can sort something out. To be able to get the full £300 you will need to be registered with online or telephone banking though. By being registered you’ll also benefit from being able to log in and view transactions, your balance and transfer money.

There aren’t any reviews specific to the Select Account online, however we can take a look at the types of experiences that customers have received from RBS. On TrustPilot they’ve got the disappointing rating of ‘bad’. This appears to be down to things such as difficulty opening accounts, high overdraft charges and poor customer care.

Overall verdict: The RBS Select Account lacks any additional perks such as insurance or cashback, but it is free of charge. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense uncomplicated account that you want to be able to manage with ease then this could be an account worth considering.


  • Manage the account with online or mobile app banking
  • 24 hour telephone banking
  • Emergency Cash if card lost or stolen
  • Overdraft available
  • Receive text alerts

Minimum criteria

  • You must be aged 18 or over
  • You need to be a UK resident
  • No bankruptcy in the last 6 years

About RBS | Select Account

The RBS Select Account has no monthly fee and offers account holders the ability to control their account via the mobile app, by logging onto the website or by calling the 24 hour telephone banking line. Customers can also set up text alerts and when using the mobile app, RBS Select Account holders can check their balance, view their recent transactions and transfer money to friends and family.

RBS also offer their Select Account customers Emergency Cash in case their card is lost or stolen. If you are registered with online or telephone banking then you will be able to withdraw up to £300 from the ATM machine using a code that RBS send, if you’re not registered then the maximum you would be able to withdraw is £60.

Customers of the RBS Select Account can also request an arranged overdraft when completing the account application. This will have an interest-free threshold of £10, and anything spent over that will incur a charge of £6, plus the interest at 19.89% EAR. If the transaction takes you over the agreed limit by more than £10, you will be charged a usage fee of £6.